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Decoder changing the outer casing and advanced plate

Monday on December 14th, 2020Life


Previously the decoder's shell is too ugly (see here), directly put the original low-gun box for this decoder's shell, using the saw and , slowly, one location, just, you can put this decoder Put in, in short, it is better than the tray.

This decoder also supports the radio function, but does not directly match the antenna, and it is still a 2PIN interface, it is estimated that one is used to block, I directly weld this interface, welding a line out (bottom blue blue Line), due to the location signal, 4, 5 tables, the sound is still very clear.

Pre-magnifying plate

The utility amplifier now is the chip is TPA3116D2. Consider still add ahead, this predetermined plate is very small, and it is very cheap, it should be said that the effect is still, but it is only a little bit, the volume is very adjustable, You can filter out part of the bottom noise, the only thing I don't like is that this board is to pick up the RCA lotus head. Find a box to do the outer casing, so that the line can be put in line, add a switch, and the power amplifier shares a 12V voltage.

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