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The first three years of life (16)

Thursday on April 2nd, 2020Life


This is my first time to the provincial capital. Not to play, but to see a doctor. Father transport routes are more familiar with the provincial capital. This is a reason.

Because, before that, his father had made several trips to the provincial capital to see a doctor. After the hospital "designated medical" system was abolished, anyone can go to any hospital, although for rural people, all at their own expense, even now have an annual 180 yuan and an annual fee increases year by year, "the new rural cooperative medical care", to non-rural cooperative medical designated hospitals for outpatient treatment is all at their own expense.

I mentioned earlier, my parents got married in ten days time, the father will be hospitalized due to typhoid fever in the city hospital for infectious diseases. Since then, his father will mainly treat kidney stones. I had been to many hospitals, no effect. Later, the provincial capital has seen a stones Hospital, ultrasonic lithotripsy, home by drinking plenty of water, urinating, discharge outside the broken stones in the ad. Later, the stone still no cure, causing very serious consequences, in a later article I will detail these things.

As the father too many times to see a doctor went to the provincial capital, the provincial capital for some better understanding of traffic conditions. At that time, no cell phone navigation, only the hands of street vendors paper maps. So, the basic part of the traffic situation a strange city to find out about, much more difficult than it is now.


I go home from the provincial capital, there are two routes to choose from.

The first route: from home walk to town, sit bus trip. Operating rules tour bus that morning, 4: 50-5: 00 or so from a canceled departure village center of a village in the 1990s, we reach the town center is about 5:25. After reaching the town, the bus driver ate breakfast at roadside bars curd cake shop, then at 5:40 departure from our town. This train passing places are in rural areas, after a few hours away, and finally to the provincial capital town. 1:30 pm, this train is returned. Over the years, this route is the replacement of several vehicles, the replacement of many bosses, but the line has been operates. It is not only convenient for a large number of residents in rural areas not open to traffic this travel; also to some store owners to provide a convenient, when they purchase a transport channel is the tour bus.

The second route: walk to town, went to the bus terminal, take the car to the city of origin; or take the 6:30 am passing our village that only car trip, stopping outside bus terminal, then bound urban (town and sending cars issued to the same owner); or after the walk to town, take the other passing vehicles crossing our town (each with its own boss) to the city. Then transfer from the city to the provincial capital.

No matter which route selection, returned from the provincial capital, you need to walk home from town, or spend money to fight those operated by private car, so far, too, the future will remain so, unless ......

My father took me taking the first route. After I was in college, from home to school, we need to take the train from the provincial capital. I sat many times in the 5:30 am tour bus to the provincial capital, about these experiences behind me.


After we arrived at the provincial capital, his father found a hospital radio station in accordance with the address and found "by Qi therapy" clinic. I heard over the treatment of heart disease, they accordance with the requirements of clinic registration, payments, and waiting for treatment.

In my impression, among patients receiving treatment here, I was the youngest. Among all the patients, mostly elderly, there is probably a female patient 35 years of age, led by her sister came to visit.

Medical treatment, first on the left and right side of my back were pressed symmetrical points, ask me which hurt. I did not understand how really a pain, but the left, especially pain, is based on internal pain and tenderness combined with the kind of pain. The doctor said that heart disease who, on the left side of this point is certainly pain.

Doctors in some parts of my body acupuncture point according to, rubs. Doctors use the middle joints of the left and right middle finger, so to see these two parts of his muscles have been deformed joints, muscle hyperplasia, swelling.

I pressed for specific sites, I do not remember, every time there are probably more than 20 minutes, and then gave me some of the plaster, attached to the position of the back and chest. Visit once every few days.


In the hospital, patients and family members of patients who listen to AC condition. There grandmother asked me if I still remember: "one to fall ill, you are not feeling to lead grams of?" "Over-gram" is the "past" dialect expression, "too grams of" this dialect vocabulary not only in Northeast, in Yunnan have exactly the same meaning. However, at the time, I did not know "over g" mean. I do not know now whether grandmotherly still alive.

Hospital gave me the plaster, green tape, wrapped in a green cloth with a mesh is in the center position of the drug. The first time posted, who appeared in allergies. The allergy, not a drug allergy, but on the back for sticking to his plaster layer of tape that allergy. Body itching, often scratch, unbearable. I would like peeled off, but the parents not to, because it is bought with drug money, expensive (of course, different people, this "expensive" and "definition" is not the same, you may be the price flat, for me that is not cheap), so no matter how uncomfortable I was, this drug should be attached to the specified time. They are not telling me the truth with a calm tone, but with the language of violence continue to threaten my stick down.

Originally the place of plaster is very itchy, coupled with sweating, increased the degree of itch, caught in a vicious circle. Since I often hand tickle around the plaster stickers, coupled with sweat, before the established referral time, the plaster will not stick, and he fell down. Fall, my father fixed with medical tape to me these plaster, let it continue to stick to me, until the time comes when the referral.


Because of family poverty, the father of doing things is the principle of the supremacy of money, even money will make people suffer, because even save money and suffered a major loss, he would prefer not to save money to save money because the comprehensive consideration of the consequences. As a father, parents who can not know this, but he still insisted to save money first. For me this character also had a great impact in the back I will mention something because this character occurs more than once.

One of the things that happened to us, is the one thing encountered on the road from the provincial capital back then.

From our city to the provincial capital, there is a passenger lines, every car is not too long. This passenger lines at present by the company contracted operations no longer operated by the individual. In that time, all individual contractors in the running of the vehicle. Probably the end of the second referral, my father took that trip I went to the start line location, just a trip to the car out of the alley. Conductor shouted fare was cheaper than the normal $ 1. Father asked: a seat right? Conductor: a seat, two seats. After the car was found, only one seat, put me on a small stool sitting in the aisle. This is not a short-haul, long-distance car sitting on the stool is very hard to accept. However, the father insisted on this car, I dare to put forward different views? From small to large, he told me about my verbal and physical violence, I will not allow any comments. Fortunately, there is a passenger picked up the child, so I sat on a normal seat.

Drove out about half an hour, has not left the provincial capital city, we will be out of the question.

In front of a car from behind to catch up, stand in front of the car. Bus driver will change direction in an attempt to go over the side, cars and open to the front of the bus. So get off the bus driver to view the situation. A man and a woman on the car out of the car, an argument with the bus driver.

By their theory, I understand what was going on. It turned out that before my father in the car, when the car is still small alley, this woman is so cheated on a tour bus. When they found only one car seat, find fools, decided to get off. However, the bus was already moving, even if they want to get off the bus did not stop, and do not shut the door. So they forced out of the car. The man jumped out of the car, and when the lady fell off. After they get off the car from the alley opened out, and was met my father.

This thing is a bus driver and conductor lie earlier, this woman is deceived. However, they get off, even though the lady fell, but seems does not matter. Possible for other people, learn bad enough, but they falsely bus drivers this time. They argued for a while after the vehicle has been realized that the conductor can not continue to run, they open the door to let us out of the car, give us back the money. When people in the car will be waiting behind the vehicle passing on the train, although that did not spare the car seat, they can only stand in the car. At that time long-distance car is allowed to overcrowding.

We at the roadside, waiting for the back of the car passing. At that time, I saw an ambulance pass by the middle of the road here, and then ran from the middle of the road turn directly to us here, and stopped at the place of their quarrel. It turned out that they hit 120. We continue to see the back of the bus, seeing the trip and a trip by car passing, his father did not take me on the train, because every train back to when they are filled with people, in a state of severe overcrowding, which we after the train down the people will go up even more crowded. Father can not stand this crowded. So the father decided to take me to ride the train.

This departure location of passenger lines, not the passenger. Not far away there is a bus terminal and a train station from the departure location. There's railway station, a few times a day we can reach the city by train. Under normal circumstances, after my father to see a doctor, the bus arrives here, and more about at eleven o'clock. The train then buy a 12-point, I have no ticket. Not only sit sold out, standing tickets have sold out, you can only buy the 14:00 train. The passenger vehicles at any time during the day, so we choose to ride the bus.

The day when it happened, probably before half past twelve. Father estimate, if we walk to another train station to catch the 14:00 of the train stops. From the spot of the accident, he went to another train station, come a long way, in my memory, at least 2 km and turn a lot of bends. I do not know why my father know this section, I do not know why he would know that the train stops at the station, I did not dare ask, I was even asked him trained the courage and capacity are gone. The only thing I can do is follow him.

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