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I am a teacher of the year (16)

Monday on March 30th, 2020Life

Chapter XVI


On the first day of formal classes, I go home for dinner at noon, when is cooking, home is neighboring provinces received a call, the phone said:? "You are full of class teacher Li Li Quan do was fight, teacher Did you know that? "accompanied by the roar of the hood, I listen to look ignorant circles. Until 1:40 pm and more, I got back to school. After school, I went to the office at the time, Li Quan was found that only teachers lounge, next to the security office and two students, are taking note. I went to see Li Quan, found that he seems just cried.

I went to ask Li Quan, which in the end is how it was. He said he went out at noon, went outside the bus waiting area, and hit the two men, he saw the two men look, they say: "fuck you see what I speak, you fucking idiot ah? ? "then he and two men criticize them. I say then? He said Ma Wan went to the Internet cafe. Come back in the afternoon, the two men took a dormitory that people who took a stick to his dormitory, he went downstairs, the gang chase, his father would give him a call, and then beat them up.

This process, he was talking about seems to be very detailed, I asked, he replied, speaking a total of more than ten minutes to finish. But now I only remember this about. Then I asked him some other things.

" your home county, but your father is from the city of province give me the phone."

"Yes, my account is still there, but my family has been removed, there is no account to touch it."

"Have you ever read it also City?"

"I read county high school, and later went to college reading province city, read a few months, there is not good reading, let me back home home school to read to after here, because I'm not graduating students, so only read Animal Husbandry and Veterinary. "

"That's where you played work it?"

"After I dropped out of that school, I went to the province played work, electronics factory teacher, I actually want to go to high school."

"Then you can go back and repeat, then test high school ah."

"Teacher, you are out of town you do not know, here and now not to repeat junior. Junior high school or high school, poor grades to go to college to be read."

"What if it does not read college?"

"That does not read the chant, go out to work."

At that time, there are other conversations, but I do not remember. I remember is this. Conversation, Li Quan also ask my case, I will probably talk about. I also asked why he wanted to move, why not field junior high school, mainly his parents working outside, then settled down on the outside, due to account restrictions, must be read junior high school in his hometown, even if the account moved out, compulsory education stage must also be read in his hometown. But that was in their handling of the fight, I will not have much time to talk to him too much.

I understand the national efforts to support secondary vocational and technical education to make. Every relevant reforms and policies enacted, these students are at the mercy of a pawn. But these pieces for their respective families, but it is the home of a mountain.


Then, I went to the security office next to Li Quan do not let me in the past, in order to avoid collusion or conflict. In the security office, I asked two other students in specific circumstances. They said last night, two of them on the outside, at the station where the two of them next to the fence, Li Quan on the other side, Lee rushed up the whole fence they roar, then the two of them shout back. At noon today, Li Quan to their quarters to find their trouble, and then they hit up. Back and talk a lot. At that time the two of them make it sound like a full detailed than Lee, but Lee said the two of them full and there is a big difference. First, time is not on. The party said that at noon, the party said last night; second, for the second revenge, the two men said Li Quan to find them in trouble, when their quarters, Li Quan said: "Young , Wang , you give me the fuck out last night how to solve that thing? "and then they both went out to play the whole Lee. And Li Quan said he noon dormitory, two other people with a group of people to his dormitory, just ask how to resolve that matter before the dormitory to escape under the protection of the dormitory students, to call his father.

Then, I tried to say from both sides at different times and places, ask the two men, they changed his tune, saying that today at noon encounter. I asked, that the night before it? "The night before encountered, he hold a grudge, today at noon asking for trouble again." I'm curious about is, the night before that time, rest time school, students are not allowed to go out the door already, in the end what they encounter ? When I asked, they are to avoid this problem.

Later, Li Quan came from next to the security office, the two sides have to start a fight in the security office, I Xu and Security Department of the two gang opened. Next, let them confront all statements during the confrontation is divided.

Well, they came out at noon from the hostel, and how to fight it together? The final two group of people saying converge.

After noon from the hostel, comprehensive classes and Wang Yang holding the stick, to catch up with Li Quan, Li Quan in the school ran inside, ran to the house next to the teacher. Teachers in the residential corridor, being chased and Wang Yang to the roof. On the roof, Lee found the whole roof of a steel pipe, then pick it up in her hand. See Lee picked up the whole pipe, turned and ran down the stairs. To the playground, two gang started beating encounter, but Li Quan was Wang Yang armed with sticks and wounded, but Lee did not hit all-steel two people. Then, when they chase, met Vice President Mei Mei vice president to the security office a call, they will come to the Security Section arrested. Arrest process, not the hands of the teacher because the security office equipment, and therefore with a certain amount of time to catch up plus advice, only three people caught the security office.

I was in the security office and asked a lot of details three people, then I think, like myself like a police interrogation. I was trying to find out about the entire process, but three people are avoiding certain details, no matter how I asked, they just beat around the bush, not a direct answer. I'm just determined, after 23:00 the night before, they really met, but what should not happen. They noon the next day on the way to the cafe, got into an argument because it is uncompromising. Yang and Wang two people said, always repeatedly said, "I think he wants to beat us, so let's hands," and this saying many times. I said: "Why do you identify people see you is to hit you that you are watching me now, I want to represent you beat it??" Two people are not talking.

Security Department to let them write their own note, but they write very short, summed up: the other side to find fault, they hit up. The process is also described a fight evasive, are trying to shirk their responsibilities, their beat each other as much as possible covert plot to exaggerate play each other beat their effect. This is the situation they wrote to explain how I feel. The specific content of the note, as well as those highly detailed details I asked, has been forgotten, but the situation is explained to me, but always remember this feeling.

When both written note, just in front of me to write. Yang and Wang at the time of writing, all written text peek Lee. Yang and Wang says, "Do not lie, how is it how it is," Li Quan went back to hate. So I let them write separately, not allowed to see each other. Yang and Wang said, "Teacher, speak, he wrote clearly not right." A teacher Security Department, said:. "Do not talk, to write their own"

Both good record, sign and fingerprint, and hand the note, security office will mediate. Let two group of people to shake hands, later promised not to fight, after all, are in the same school. At this time, I learned that the other person is a second-year, but this time has been re-enrollment, re-read in the first grade. After the mediation is over, one of them said, I do not want to read, and soon to be dropped out, reading too boring. I said: "Anyway, I will not say who speaks toward you, you are doing things calm, fighting is a lose-lose, you now after the fight, what's the use to solve the problem yet there are two of you, is it so?? doubt he wants to beat you? you one an 'he wants to beat me,' I have been watching you, how I'm going to beat you, ah? And you, Li Quan, how much something ah? Let me tell you, I used to also a fight, but found after the fight, to no avail ah, the problem can not be resolved, both sides lose. Why do not you apologize to each other, this thing is over. "

They apologize to each other, they were gone. Throughout the class, integrated class did not come to the security office. Later he learned that he is tired heart. I am also tired heart.

The mediation process, the requirements of the Security Department and Wang Yang Li Quan to check with the injury. But after I asked Li Quan, he told me that he went to check. Fortunately, no injury to the bone, when two days again, has been wound scab.


After completion of deal with things, I returned to the Office of Student Affairs. Chen said: "That your class, discipline is indispensable." I said: "how to deal with how to deal with, according to the school rules to do." Although I will protect their students, but they made a mistake, should have to bear some consequences.

In the office, the teacher let me according to the table high finance department brought before the share placement with, the various parts of the county are classified according to statistics from the counties to the number of people attending our school. I press table and some counties have not only the township, while I according to their own understanding, while Baidu, she asked high teacher, eventually spent at least two hours, the students according to different parts of the county classification and statistics of the number of people, the equivalent of statistics copies of the list of students in each county. For complete without an address, I also listed separately here. High teacher said, not afraid, the school will deal with here.

In two days, we received a notice, after 4:10 on Friday afternoon after class this week, convening all the staff of the General Assembly. Venue also surprised me, this is one that I have overlooked the building, is a small building next to the auditorium on the third floor conference room.

During this period, students at the security office and also developed jointly fight the punishment file.

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