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trip to Cairo

Friday on April 9th, 2021Life

In June, Egypt, like China in China, is a positive summer. However, for Cairo, which is located in the edge of the Northern Nai Sahara desert, it is hot than the Sichuan West Dam.

For this war, the arid and desert is the first impression I have seen. However, the Nile river is from the southern, and injects the Mediterranean sea through the arid continent, moisturizing the land along the coast. The Nile water waves flowing through Cairo City, along the coast trees, and suddenly forgot to have the land of Africa, it is like a walk along the Yangtze River in South China.

(The Phoenix Tow, which can be seen everywhere)

(Nile River under the sunset)

Since I arrived in Cairo, I had to visit the ancient Egyptian pyramid. The pyramid group is located on the southwest side of Cairo. It is also the administrative part of Egypt, so it is also called the Giza Pyramid Group, a total of three big, the biggest name is Huff pyra, followed by Kafra Pyramid, the smallest Playing Monka Pyramid. Throughout Egypt, it is divided into three periods, namely the age of the old age, the Roman era and now there will be long-term in the Arab age. The pyramid is the product of the Pharaohhood.

The pyramid is shocked, it should be sitting on the car, just turning a bend, it is not far to suddenly discover its existence, and the majestic stands on the flat land. What makes life is, how much is it in ancient times? How much time it takes to complete such a work. Where is the huge stone from the stone? How is it? Regarding all the secrets of the pyramid, the future generation can only explain with the guess and imagination.

(Huf Pyramid)

("Investment Egypt" billboard: lead to the gate of Africa and the world)

Between the round trip, the building is broken in Cairo City, and the buildings on both sides are unbearable, or because of the war, or because no one repairs. Many bad locals have not been capped, and the underlying is beginning to live. The gap between the rich and the poor is disparied, and the road dirty is unmanned. The ancient Egyptian civilization has long been there, and today's Egypt is also experimenting with religious and war. In addition to the tolls, tourism and oil income, tourism and oil income, and Egypt has no competitiveness.

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