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Bin Chi XRV scrap CD player to change home audio (1)

Tuesday on April 7th, 2020Life

A few years ago when I bought the CRV car is not very good, but also take some detours, such as when in a 4S shop when buying a car, tell me another big-screen Android navigation, and then I had to remove the car's CD player did not to me, it was a long time before I found this CD to give back to my machine, change this Android navigation is not easy, not long after I took in exchange for the original navigation. But that Taiwan was removed Andrews navigation I threw up, and now think quite two, in fact, car navigation also futile, these days are used to navigate the phone. Buick XT wife also have a car removed to the CD player, but this CD player to change home if need access keys, change is not very suitable for the home.

Ever since I find the Internet again and found Bin Chi XRV low allocation models or CD player more in line with my request, I summarize it has the following advantages:

Cheap, simple machine, then about 60 yuan, 30 yuan to tail, tails this thing is very important and very expensive. Color values ??can also be, not an alternative shape, square, there are physical buttons, knobs strong damping. Support AUX, USB play music (MP3, WMA), Bluetooth music (does not require a decoder), and AM/FM radio band. 4 channels, each with a rated output 45W. Amplifier IC is TDA7851F, though not TDA7850, but also doing pretty well. And setting the operation is simple, no need to provide the basic, can be directly used.

Of course, there is also a shortage, but considering the price no problem:

DA not screen does not support touch screen. No key backlight, need to use the decoder. Machine fever is still very powerful, mainly on the right side of the machine.

Change a few caveats before:

Use a 12V power supply requirements, not current, or look at the load, anyway, I was 6A, it is recommended 5A ~ 10A. Car speakers are generally 4, so take the time to pay attention to the speaker, it can only push 4 speakers, home speakers are generally 8 majority. The election of the tail, to distinguish between the definition of each line on it, and some models also need some of the features the decoder can be used.

Look very new, there is no difference between basic and new ah!

These point around saw blade saws snap down exhausted, better final results OK.


A boot there was a small problem that can not add a Bluetooth device prompts only in stop state.


The solution is to enter the factory mode, first press the Off button (volume knob) before the start, the screen displays: "Sound Off" before performing the following steps:

While holding down the number keys 1 and 6, then click the off button (volume knob) will enter the factory mode. After enter the factory mode, pressing the number keys consecutive 1-1-6, BT Reflash can enter. Open the Bluetooth mobile phone, the Bluetooth name is displayed above the search, click on the link, will automatically after each connection, replacement of equipment necessary to repeat the above steps.

Wiring method is as follows, just say here at home method:

White: left front speaker positive, black and white: front left speaker negative. Gray: positive right front speaker, dark gray: the right front speaker negative. Green: the left rear speaker positive, green and black: negative left rear speaker. Purple: the right rear speaker positive Zihei: right rear speaker negative.

Bonding together the yellow (12V line) + Red (ACC key line) + orange line (small lamp wire, the decoder is not the case, then there will not be a backlight) of positive power, negative power supply line connected black, blue antenna control, do not pick. It should be noted that, after the direct power off if there is no memory function, such as setting off before time and volume, if you want it to have a memory function, keep the yellow line uninterruptible power on it, and the principle is the same car I added a direct line to the red switch to turn off the machine by the switch, so do not pull the power supply to the machine also has the power, memory function also.

On hand with a pair of horn tweeter (at a small map, 4/40W), proved not take too much to complain egg with a divider, a pair of full-range speakers considered it (below large), the speaker in fact Yes, there are two speakers each sound unit, each unit is 8/8.5W, I put them and join together to become 4/17W, and can just pick this CD player.

All with access to the connector, easy accessibility, the right heat very powerful machine, with some want better heat sink.


Technology Co., had no time, to engage in a shell itself does not need very Founder of housing, which also affect the heat, at another free to consider the amplifier IC replace TDA7850, but said a lot of fakes, this used to listen to a sound or can, the last effect is as follows:


To be continued: "Bin Chi XRV scrap CD player to change home stereo (under, plus decoder)"

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