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Heart with my

Sunday on April 5th, 2020Life

When you open your heart,

easy to get injured,

Not everyone is so pure goodness,

Bad mood when complain complain,

Not everyone is happy to play you deserve door,

Over the past let it past him,

A lot of things need not be too tangled up,

Turn the page,

Look ahead.

When you go through the open closed open ......,

You will see more different scenery,

What does not have to hurry to prove,

When you turn off the time may be a helpless choice,

Different road non-phase plan.

Correct punctuation should be "Road, different, non-phase plan."

Different road non-phase plan.

The reason is generally understood the problem, the key is to "phase" when the word level tone, as an adverb, and this is only "phase" of epigenetic justice. "Phase", falling tone, the original meaning of "observation", meaning "judge from appearances fate" and have a "choice" means. Here the "phase" is the "choice" means "no phase", it is "no choice." "Plan" is "to seek the views or troubleshooting approach", meaning "plan to discuss ways to" and so on, "Analects of Confucius" and there are so-called "road plan", "seek food" argument, and where "seeking" It is the same.

Road, sage, just like the river, the river is not going to "choice", not to force "consistent" and "not in", "different" is. "Sage" of the "plan" is "different", "not in." "Different" is "different", like "Dissenters'Views things is harmful has been" said, to "differences" can not attack, can not seek to eliminate the "differences", otherwise it can not be "different", and on "saints way "contrary to the;

The correct meaning for Confucius should be a cognitive behavioral manners of a gentleman: Road, different, a gentleman does not deliberately choose to seek the. This is a how to do on how to do open-minded awe-inspiring gentleman gas.

The modern multi-purpose extended meaning of this sentence: different channels, refer to different values ??of life. Analects originally referred to a gentleman and villain of the other. Walked different ways, the plan can not be together. Different minded people can not work.

Thanks to those who really help us,

Good life of peace.

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