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Goodbye for five years.

Friday on September 18th, 2020Life

Today is September 18, 2020. Write this farewell article on this special day. Tomorrow we will formally leave the company we founded together. Looking back, we have lived through and suffered together for five years, from weakness to brilliance to dissolution. Although we did not survive, although we have regrets, we have a clear conscience.

5 years, accompany the company to grow together, progress together, brilliant together, end together, this end is also the starting point of the next time.

the company was officially established in November 2015. the trial operation on March 1, 2016, and then the official business on April 16, 2016. at that moment, I still remember that 2017 to 2018 was the most brilliant time for the company. at that time, the company was one of the top three decoration companies in the area, regardless of popularity, scale, construction quality and design concept, looking back and living up to that period of time.

before the official clearance tomorrow, say in advance: goodbye, Shenzhen Jincheng Decoration Luzhou Branch!

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