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Come on! Life is not difficult!

Tuesday on November 17th, 2020Life

there is still an hour, and it has been two months since I wrote a blog. Sure enough, the least valuable thing is time, which is fleeting, and the most valuable thing is time, which is inexplicable.

Tencent called me on this blog to tell me that there were several problems in the site during the review for the record, which needed to be repaired and put on record again, so comments could not be made, everyone is sorry, or else I came up because of the risk of shutting down the site. I didn't expect that everyone was still there, and there were so many messages, which was my negligence.

since the company closed down in September, and then owed a lot of debts and decoration customers to clean up the aftermath, so these two months have been thinking of ways to pay back the money, wipe their buttocks, although their shares are small, but can not pass their own conscience, I still have to bear the responsibility, the owners should continue to complete the work.

now I have started a new job. I have gone to work as an operator of a new decoration company. I have not opened yet, and I am building the overall structure of the company. What I owed before, please pay it back slowly. As long as you don't die, there is always a way, isn't there?

I haven't written for a long time. I feel like I have a lot to say, but I don't know where to start. That's it. I'll go to other people's blogs and see all kinds of life. Come on!

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