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Started smoking.

Wednesday on May 13th, 2020Life

the last two days are relatively sad days, a piece of not-so-good news began to enter life, under the pressure of life also began to smoke, sure enough, the role of smoke is a little paralytic, also began to smoke, but also good, now controlled in a day to wait for the baby to sleep after going to the balcony to smoke a bar, a pack of cigarettes, a week also smoked 4-5, but also broke the precepts.

I know that smoking is harmful to health, but I still want to smoke one. If you smoke in the living room or bedroom, the air purifier will make a roaring sound to carry out the air Filter, which really affects the normal rest of the family, so you all go to the balcony and watch the cars coming and going outside, smoking the scenery of people coming and going. will be less annoying.

it is said that the world of adults is not easy, what life will be like tomorrow.

due to this situation this year, all kinds of physical industries are struggling to get by, and even we are not surprised. My salary has also begun to be affected. Now it has directly dropped by 2000, and the total amount of business has been suspended. 2000 is still a large number. Plus a little more can cover my mortgage for a month, money, and I have two home loans, as well as child's expenses, family expenses, all kinds of calculations, and then deduct some five insurance expenses. It's really starting to make people anxious; The previous days are all right, calculated to be able to balance monthly expenses, from now on to break this balance, so upset, smoking is also on.

worry about the economy, worry about how to make money, sometimes even dream about the way to make money, now I find that I feel like I'm running out of talent. I don't seem to be able to do this, but I can't do that. Because there is a certain editing basis, whether it is Pr or Filmora or Huihui Shadow, I started to try the popular Vlogo editing now, and I still insist on it, so I may need to persevere in order to get a harvest. Also began to pay attention to the site advertising revenue, but certainly can not affect the premise of normal reading, but the Google side because of the epidemic, AD is now in a state of suspension of audit, and finally focus on the offline real economy, want to do business, but do not have a clue.

Adult life is not easy, now the entity will have a meeting, willing to go through the abyss until the lights are bright.

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