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Add cdn and time albums to the blog

Saturday on May 2nd, 2020Life

do bloggers who visit my blog in the past two days feel that the loading speed has been greatly improved, and the embarrassment of loading home images for half a day is gone, which is the effect of cdn image acceleration recently enabled.

the company has less work to do in the last two days, so take advantage of this time to optimize and transform the blog.

before I found that my blog is really slow to load pictures, especially the preview of the home page, if you open the blog for the first time, it will take a long time to load completely. I have long had the idea of moving it, but I don't have time, so this time I added the method of picture plug-in cdn to the blog.

cdn has more service providers, and the flow is not large for personal blogs. Of course, why not free whoring? Qiniu and Yunpai both have a good reputation. They got Qiniu in wordpress, but this time they got Yunpai again. Mainly in the blog, I see that Yunpai is used more often.

the cdn of Youyunpai is charged in principle, but as long as you join the Youyunpai Alliance, the free traffic of 10G per month is good, and it is relatively easy to join. You can join it directly in the Youyunpai Alliance. You need to wait for a week of review. In fact, I passed it the next day. It is important to note here that you'd better add the thank you logo "thank you and Yunpai CND sponsor" at the bottom of the website. It's easier to get through.

then log in to the backend, select cloud storage, then create a new cloud storage, select web image, standard type, global acceleration, and then add an authorized operator. What you need to note here is that you need to write down your authorization code. Later, you need to use it in the cloud photo plug-in at the backend of the website. After all is set up here, Next, set the general settings:

  • Domain name Management: bind a new domain name (here you can bind a subdomain name of your own)
  • add a certificate in the HTTPS:HTTPS configuration (you can apply for a certificate for free)
  • TLS 1.3: choose to enable
  • Image processing: here you can set up
  • according to your own needs, and then install the plug-in in the background. Enter the settings and fill in the relevant information about your bound domain name and cloud storage in Youyunpai. It should be noted here that the operator is the operator you set in the new key space, and the password is the authorization code written down above.

    this is basically over, waiting for the alliance to pass, free cdn.

    time album. This time, I added a page of time album to my blog. I don't remember where I saw such a page, so I wanted to get one, and I also liked to take pictures. So I also came up with the idea of recording my own photography display page. I searched the Internet first, and only found the relevant theme, which meant opening one more sub-site, trouble, and looking for it again. To find this can be directly nested in the original theme page template-Multiverse-page-typecho, take a look at the effect. Https://

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