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A gift from Jiujiang.

Tuesday on November 26th, 2019Life

Today, I unexpectedly received a package from Jiujiang, a local specialty given by a friend to express delivery. Speaking of this friend, I also know him on the Internet, but I have known him for many years, more than 5 years. Sometimes friendship is very simple. If you can talk to each other, you can just OK.

when we talk about this, we should start by doing ROMER by ourselves. In 14 years, she had the first Android phone, Princess Diana of MOTO. At that time, she was known as the "magic machine," and then the legendary machine-brushing began. At that time, in addition to normal classes and playing ball, the most time I spent in college was browsing various mobile phone forums, the XDA Anzhi Protoss at that time, and so on, and slowly began to try to brush the machine. Later, when I self-taught, compiled ROM, and changed apk, to add function, I became strong with many friends who played with the machine, including this friend from Jiujiang who sent me specialty products. At that time, I worked on a lot of models together. At that time, atx Breaking Dawn and XDA in Anzhi belonged to the ROM group. I don't know if my work and ROMER special badge are still left in the forum. At that time, there was no shortage of mobile phones. Forums and major mobile phone manufacturers will send you mobile phones to make ROM, to increase your popularity, open and release to send invitations, and reimburse round-trip air tickets and accommodation, which is quite cool. At the most time, I have 11 mobile phones in my hand, all from manufacturers and forums.

so friendship cannot be resisted by distance. This year, the old man's honeymoon after his marriage took his wife around to play with me for two days. at that time, he was singing to wine and the geometry of his life.

recalling the troubles in the forum at that time, it is still very interesting. Some of the people who worked on the computer at that time are still doing it, but most of them, like me, have started their lives. Nuo Xiaobai, Big Star, hrbnba11, ax0817, etc. at that time, all of us were twittering in the group every day, but now the dawn group has sunk to the bottom of the sea, and we can't see one or two words a year.

my friend delivered tea cake, wine lees fish, tea tree mushroom, navel orange cake, rotten bamboo, and a stone ear cake, stone fish cake, thank you!
next time we come to Luzhou for a visit, we will raise our glasses and sing to each other.

finally, show the lighting control in your home and find an opportunity to write down how you changed it.

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