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Pseudo-static setting method of Baidu Cloud Virtual Machine BCH Typecho

Thursday on November 28th, 2019Life


Last night, a new blogger used Typecho to build a station. Baidu Cloud virtual machine BCH, had the problem of clicking on any link on the home page to return to the home page. I helped take a look at it and guessed that it was a pseudo-static setting error.

when I first came into contact with Baidu Cloud virtual machine, I looked at the background, it was simple, and I couldn't find the setting option. Unlike other manufacturers' virtual machines, it uses nginx pseudo-static, but the backend does not find an entry that can be set. Log in to FTP to check the directory and find that there are no corresponding configuration files in the webroot directory. Then add one yourself.


1. Create a new bcloud_nginx_user.conf file on the desktop and add pseudo-static configuration content:

 if (!-e $request_filename) {Rewrite ^ (. *) $/index.php$1 last;} 

2. Upload the newly created bcloud_nginx_user.conf to the webroot directory via FTP;

3. After the upload is completed, go back to the virtual machine BCH control panel, find the "overload site service" in the "site start and stop" option, and click

4. After the above steps are completed, go back to the settings-permanent link option in the Typecho background and set the display method you want.

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