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Late-night poison-favorite cooked meat

Thursday on November 28th, 2019Life

late at night, you have to take good care of yourself when you live, so you have to cook what you like. Back to the pot meat-has always been one of my favorite dishes, so it is the earliest dish I have mastered. The price of pork is not cheap now. The better lean meat on our side is 27 or 28. 30% of the best meat is all right.

some time ago, the price of pork went down for a while, but then it went up again. Tsk, I feel bad about Lentinus edodes! During that time, looking at the price reduction, my mother went to buy a few jin of fat lard and boiled two large pots of lard. As an authentic native of Sichuan, I felt that it was necessary to put some lard in the stir-fry.

when I came home from work at around 6: 20, I took the third-line meat out of the freezer at noon and thawed naturally, so I took advantage of the cooking time to wash the meat and cook it in the pot for 7 minutes and other ingredients.

back to the pot meat, I feel that Douban is the soul, and Douban was made by my grandmother, so it tastes more authentic. Pixian Douban is actually good, but now there are too many brands, and I don't even know that authentic. Because the packaging is all marked with "authentic", , it should be better to buy more red oil. Home-made Douban doesn't have so much red oil, so it looks light, but it tastes the same.

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