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SSL certificate application installation

Saturday on November 30th, 2019Life

it's been 9102 years, and I still have to keep up with the tide of the Internet. I haven't thought about SSL for some time. Until today, a friend visited my website and said, "Why don't you go to SSL on your site?" well, do it.

before using WordPess, I made the SSL certificate to the site, using the TrustAsia certificate. Because I am poor, I can't afford to buy other certificates. It costs 1 yuan for one year, and the application is simple, the verification is simple, and the certificate is fast.

briefly describe the process. The application address is applied in Western Digital. Https://, and now there is still a server in Western Digital, so log in to Western Digital directly, find the CVM-SSL certificate-apply now, then select TrustAsia, select the first domain name (DV), and click to buy it now.

you know, you didn't need money before, but now you need 1 yuan RMB. After purchase, the next thing you need to do is to complete the domain name information, open the order, complete the information, and complete the domain name information.

Domain name information is mainly to fill in the domain name and personal information you want to apply for. Do mosaic processing here, and you can do it according to your own.
after the information is added, the domain name is verified. There are two ways of verification. One is DNS resolution authentication, and the other is FILE file verification. According to your personal preference, I choose FILE file verification here.

follow the instructions, first create a new/.well-known/pki-validation directory in the root directory of the site, create a new txt text fileauth.txt, and fill it in the text to verify the content on ok.

when all the above is done, click on the verification information to check whether it is passed or not. There are three channels, any one of which will issue a certificate. Soon, my certificate will come down in about 10 minutes.

after the certificate has been passed, download the certificate, a compressed package with two files, one key, and one crt, saved by yourself.

then open the pagoda backend, find the website-Settings-SSL, and check the key and crt, of your certificate to force HTTPS, to save.

note here that when you download a certificate, you need to obtain the certificate password first, because the downloaded package is encrypted.

your site has a little green lock at this point.
in fact, there is a deployment SSL, pagoda inside the pagoda, you can apply for it, but you need real name authentication and take photos of your handheld ID card, so you are lazy and troublesome, so you go to Xishu to get it.

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