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Tuesday on December 3rd, 2019Life

I haven't updated my blog for three days, just chat!

yesterday Monday, I went on holiday to see the children and his wife. I haven't seen my wife and children for almost a week. I saw the children yesterday, but they were still so close. I had to hug when I saw them. His mother and grandmother refused to hug me, or they clung to me. It is said that time flies, really. I don't know if my memory is wrong or the child is really growing up so fast. I haven't seen him for a week. I always feel that I have missed a lot of his time and grown up a little.

the house over there entered the stage of scraping putty yesterday, and then it was waiting for drying, polishing, painting, and then the installation of lamps, ceramic tiles, seams and furniture appliances entered, in a daze, this year is going to be over, but also to complete another thing, the overall feeling is: this year is not as good as last year. Yesterday, by the way, I went shopping with my wife under the curtains and went to a few houses. I still chose the first one. If you want to match the effect at home, you have to be willing to pay for it.
the main color of the house here this year: cool color. The color in reality is a little darker.
get up at 6: 20 this morning and come back to work at 06:30. It's especially cold in the morning of this season. When we pass a school by car, the students have already got up and started to run in the morning. Life lies in exercise. Remember that when we were studying, we also had to run in the morning. Unexpectedly, this tradition continued.
the plan of the day is in the morning, which shows that the morning is very important. Take work, for example. The first thing to do in the office is to list the things you need to do today.

I have been reading static blogs in the last two days. My friend Fang Bushan introduced the static blog writing platform Gridea,. After two days of twists and turns, I finally understand how to build static and how to use it, but there are still a lot of unfamiliar places. Maybe I will turn static in the future.

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