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Eat a bunch of time to chat with your wife.

Thursday on December 5th, 2019Life

my wife came back yesterday without a little guy, so I got off work early, cleaned up and went home for a walk with my wife.

it's almost dark when we go out for a walk or something. Let's just eat out. Since we had a child, we haven't eaten alone for a long time. Choose to choose, eat the string of the fifth district of the steel pipe factory, this is very popular here, open everywhere, but also mainly because we like to eat spicy food.

during the meal, we talk about the past, the present, the future and, of course, some gossip about life. Sighing at the waste of time, 9 years passed so quickly, from "playing with friends" when I was a student to having children now, I still didn't waste my youth so many years.

speaking of the current situation, we are quite satisfied, that is, there is less money at our disposal at this stage. Haha, it is estimated that no one will dislike too much money. Talking about the planning after marriage yesterday, although many things are slower than the plan, but they are still being realized, which is proud enough that we did not waste our serious planning of life at that time.

also talked about some regrets. Dad's death was one of the biggest regrets. I remember Dad saying that when you bought a house in the city, I would grow vegetables at home, and I would play cards when I had nothing to do. I missed you. I drove down with your mother and grandmother to stay for two nights. Now this is impossible, may there be no pain in heaven, and would like to find a cure for cancer as soon as possible!

when I was almost finished, I thought of taking a picture. Take two at will.

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