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Three or two things are indescribable.

Tuesday on December 10th, 2019Life

event 1

on December 08, another friend in the dormitory got married and lamented that we had all got married and entered another stage of our lives. He had already held his wedding in his hometown in Bazhong, and this time it was held in Chengdu to entertain the people we could not go to at that time.

through this incident, a group of our brothers from the university got together again. Primary school, junior high school, high school, university, go through these stages, gain the most friends is the university, a group of us, may be the last period of study, and then each went to society, so playful friends, we all especially cherish this friendship, we will get together once a year, not for a long time, two or three days, everyone talks about life, talk about themselves, talk about that event, seems particularly relaxed.

here, I would like to sigh that when will the Luzhou bullet train be opened? both land, water and air are well developed, except for the lack of railway transport, which has to be said to be a pity, but it is under construction. According to the official meaning, it will not be officially opened to traffic until 2021, and then there will be no need to transfer to Longchang.

event two

go home, the word seems common and not common, and I want to go back late at night, after all, it is my own harbor.

on the evening of the 8th, when I was busy buying tickets to go home, I really felt the importance of "home" to me. Where there was a wife and children, I would go back no matter how late I was. You know, before we a group of people get together, the basic night is "slutty" to go, soak feet, drink tea, Sing.

after the train and transfer trip, I didn't get home until about 11:00 that evening. I watched the child fall asleep and my wife was still waiting for me. Everything felt so good. On the way home, I went to IKEA, bought her favorite macaron cutlery and water cup for my wife, and a big golden dog toy for my baby.

event 3

Cats and children are all cute photos. The kid's expression is awesome. Haha!

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