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Jump into dried fish

Monday on August 2nd, 2021Life

Luzhou has had a temperature of more than 30 degrees for a week in a row. I went home from work yesterday and counted the fish. I found that two more fish were missing. I couldn't find them after a meal, and I turned around and was ready to give up. There was a small dried fish on the ground, which was thoroughly dry, and all the moisture was lost. I felt that I could eat something with salt and cumin in this weather. It was too TM hot. As long as I jumped out of the tank, the adult fish would be dry. The other one hung up in the jar.

an online query, there may be lack of oxygen, need to add oxygen, last night went to the fish shop to buy an oxygen machine, today home from work to see if you want to jump out of the tank!

time flies, it starts in August. I went to 2gam3 this year. Time flies really fast. My hometown is going to start beating millet again. I have to arrange the time in advance and come home to prepare to hit millet. Every year, my mother will grow one or two fields of rice to feed herself. This year, I also grow it at home, so don't worry about eating it.

since I bought an electric car as a tool for commuting, it is true that commuting to and from work is much more convenient and fast, but on this hot day, cycling is not so comfortable. I'm fine when I'm driving. When I wait for the traffic lights, the sun shines directly, the sun hurts, and the skin of both arms is tanned.

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