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A new site Yige blog resource station has been built.

Friday on July 9th, 2021Life

everyone, I haven't seen you for a long time. I haven't updated for almost 6 months. In fact, those who have been following your blog often go in and have a look. Even if they don't leave a message, they don't know what to say, just like a passer-by.

recently, on a whim, I made another site, a resource site, mainly because I have a server that expires in 7 or 8 months, and I don't know what to do. Before that, I always wanted to be a resource site and release some windows and mac software that I thought was good. It was basically a harmonious version or an optimized version, although it was shameful, but everyone had spare money. It is appropriate to support the authentic version.

address of the new site:, the name is "one blog". The

site was launched yesterday. Instead of using Typecho this time, it uses wordpress, mainly because the latter is much more friendly to search engines, and it is really good to be a resource site. Plan to maintain the rhythm of 3 daily shifts in the early days of the site, and first upload and share some of the software in stock that you think is good.

this blog will still exist for a long time, and I am prepared to update the blog content irregularly from this month, otherwise it will be abandoned and grass will grow. There are also ideas to update the content of this self-use theme and add some content to adapt to the developing Internet environment.

finally, welcome to my new site to see if there is anything you need. I can't leave a message. I'll find it for you when I have time.

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