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Play crazy and friends visit

Wednesday on July 21st, 2021Life

I ate salt, but I still lost to Xia Chu, and I was a little crazy these two days. From July 3 to July 12, I played for a total of 11 days. The game time has been 63 hours, an average of 5.7 hours a day, so I wrote this article as a sign of self-reflection.
it has been two months since the last time Lao Xie came to talk nonsense, and it is another brief reunion.

A day of playing games

Today is a perfect Monday, no work, no laundry, no dust, no furniture, no housework, because my wife just finished the housework on Sunday, it's a great day!

take back Uncle Chen's space masterpiece: if Xia Chu, mentioned in this article on Unmanned Deep Space, does not buy a game, punish him for buying instant noodles without a seasoning bag next time.

because of the plot, the beautiful cartoon style, the good shooting feel, the strange weapon effect, especially the full support for Chinese and Chinese dubbing, it also belongs to the brainless type of Shuobao, which is very decompressed to play, and the above contents are all to my taste. I still can't help buying a landless place.

as long as I rest at home these days, as long as I have time to play games at full capacity for 6-8 hours. Although it is selfish to know that Slack Off does not do housework, the last time I was obsessed with the game should have appeared in high school, so there has not been a game for a long time, which can make me play so happily. In particular, the special effects of BOSS dropping weapons and opening blind boxes and jumping legendary weapons have been stimulating me to continue the game. The next weapon will be better. I really can't stop.

"if you like it, you will be presumptuous, but if you love, you have to restrain yourself." The motivation for me to write this article is because I feel that I have been playing a little crazy in the past two days. It can be said that I am recording my state, or I am doing self-reflection.

good friends come to visit

in the afternoon, the mobile phone number showed that it was Lao Xie's phone. He said that he happened to be passing by my house and came to have a chat. He also asked my wife what time she got off work and would leave after a while. I said it's all right. I just need to evacuate by 05:30. Why are you sneaking around? Because my wife likes cleanliness (may be slightly addicted to cleanliness, ha) and doesn't like other people's sudden visits, which makes her feel very uncomfortable. About the visit, I also said hello to Lao Xie in advance, and we all have families to understand each other.

speaking of Lao Xie, he met me through my childhood (I grew up as twin brothers, so let's talk about them later). At that time, because of my family's relocation, Fa Xiao and I transferred to Lao Xie's class. at first, Lao Xie and I grew up and played together, and I had a more fun relationship with my deskmate, so I didn't have much contact with Lao Xie at that time. Later, most of the students who graduated from primary school went back to their hometown, and some of them lost touch with each other. Because Lao Xie has moved to Shanghai and does not have to go back to his hometown, maybe God arranged it, and finally the four of us got together. (it has something to do with the examples of the neighborhood that we live near.) there is still a connection up to now.

after I got married, I began to pay attention to the concept of family. Family affairs are the highest priority, and everything else is under this logic. Usually I basically stay at home. I usually do some chores and do what I can. I think the wife who marries home is not a servant, and a family needs to be maintained by both sides. Relatively, I also reduced the time to go out and play with them, and even sent fewer messages. I was mainly afraid that if I talked too much, I always wanted to go out and play, and I couldn't stop. Another reason for not going out is that I have a night shift. Sometimes I am really tired, so I just want to stay at home and do nothing. Gradually I feel that I am half out of the Gang of four,

I have a lot to say when I think of these things, so I'll have a chance to record it later. Back in the afternoon, Lao Xie and I didn't actually talk about the substance. We simply met with each other and talked with each other. I kept glancing outside the balcony, but it was not 05:30 when I saw that my wife was almost home. Suddenly the chrysanthemum was tight. Shit, who couldn't stop in his heart, hurriedly said that I would not run away first. Ha, although he had no expression, he must have been caught off guard. Ha

it was too late to draw the bow without looking back. I told Lao Xie that it was not good to sneak away like this. Don't deceive a person who is ready to forgive us at any time. It's stupid. It's better to explain the situation openly. After we came downstairs to explain the reason, we simply said goodbye and went home.

PS: We haven't been in touch every ten years. As long as we get together, we will never feel strange. This is something I think is worth cherishing. This kind of familiar feeling is very good. It is time to find a good time to get together.

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