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Are doing is good

Sunday on September 27th, 2020Life

Recently read "Charlotte trouble", the film very good, worth a visit. This movie also gave me a little bit of inspiration, we should cherish the present one, we should be more efforts, I hope what a good job all!

I always want to explain me very hard, good work, no one wants a high salary, I, too, but I have not, these opportunities need, I'm waiting, I do not know which day only. But I was very eager to have prepared, I strongly desire this more than anyone else, but my heart sometimes because these are also extremely sensitive to low self-esteem and I do not want people to look down, I do not want to, maybe others did not look down on, perhaps just my wishful thinking, I was not happy and others does not matter, is his own dissatisfaction and resentment, especially in big occasions, I feel this more strongly, I know it should not, make the atmosphere becomes bad in fact, I was not aggressive to people is very polite, really did not think so. I too would like to worship others are envious of me, but I fall far short of the point where I can not let go, so I never get out alive is very painful.

I am very contradictory, because I look at myself I think I'm okay, I'm the only possibility is less worse than others of decent work. I was not prepared, type of work is not good, this I know, I actually do not mind, but others will not mind, I also want to change, I would like to test preparation. If I have a graduation preparation work, and now I might very fast hardware, at least I can show off, as you can talk, huh, huh. I'm waiting and suffering for several years have work today, I'm actually very glad, I should cherish, or I, and many others, took a very low salary, involvement bullied. I work every day to consider the future, I'm really not the kind of carefree.

I'm really tired all day, tired of this work is not brought, because now a lot of people see is work, wages, education, and I would like to see is love, a love of discussion, I will adjust I thought, indifferent look down on someone else's face. More importantly, the need to adjust their attitude, my heart is very proud, but sometimes I have to bow to reality, to admit that he is indeed very ordinary, like a stone.

Thank you for loving me, you know a lot of things still hesitate to marry me. So I will use all my love to you, I love you. Because of you, everything will change for the better. He cited the comments of friends: "Autumn Elegance easy to find, Dongmei rare.".

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