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Net red, Chengdu small sweet

Thursday on February 11th, 2021Other

In an interview video in Chengdu's neighborhood, I asked "Your little sweet" question:

Reporter: Do you think men can save you a month? "Your little sweet": Support me, um, I think it can take me. A sweet smile, a sweet, Chengdu small sweet walking.

In our impression, or in feelings, girls for boyfriends are: Gao Fushuai, rich, there is a car, there is a color value. For those who enter the big city and work hard, struggle work, it is difficult. The money is difficult to earn, the car, the room is difficult to buy, and the value is also difficult. The most wide range of words, I would rather sit in the BMW car, and I don't want to sit on the bike. Money, the value is really important for women?

The small sweet words of Chengdu is warm, and the inner heart of countless men who work on jobs. It is said that after the video is played, the ticket price of the flight ticket to Chengdu has skyrocketed, and the road railway is congested. Many people want to find this Chengdu small sweet. The men are desperately working, which is to live with their own lovers. Small sweet answers "It is good to take me", so that countless people feel that this is really love. Whether you are a billionaire or a poor egg, it is enough to support the person who can support his love.

As the saying goes, there is money, it is omnipotent. Money can buy medicines, but I can't buy health; money can buy the house, but I can't buy it; money can buy a woman, but I can't buy people. Many times we look too heavy, and ignore the most simple and simple life, it is a family that is happy, carefree, can eat and wear, not for life.

Social evaluation

What will be a small sweet in Chengdu, I will be a little sweet answer, and I feel that I have been pressing a girlfriend problem in my heart, I can find a major comfort and joy. It is really only for this world. Eat together, and sweet feelings together. In contrast, most boys will be more willing to struggle for such a beautiful girlfriend. (Northern New Vision Review)

If her answer is very simple, her answer and smile are very simple. The netizen thinks that this little sister is so cute. Why didn't you encounter this, so I have to come to Chengdu to grab this little sister, netizen said I want to find this kind of virtue real person as a wife. Her night is red is not because dance is not because she is very beautiful, just because she is very simple. (Shenzhen hotline, Terracotta ICAC)

Chengdu small sweet real nickname is: your little sweet, as for which platform, I will not be clear.

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