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Talk about reading

Monday on August 10th, 2020Other

[English]? Francis Bacon? 1597

Zuoliang translation

Reading enough to cheer, enough to gaming, just long enough. It also builds, most found in house arrest when alone; it is also betting, most found in talk; it was too long, most found themselves in society judge things on the occasion. Although the sophistication of disabilities can be treated separately or every thing fine discriminating minor, and then look at overall global planning, thoughtful, studious person is none other than the house.

Easy to read too much idle time-consuming, literary embellishments too quickly the correction, depends on the provisions of breaking things so the state is the pedant. Reading make up the lack of natural experience they make up less than read it, cover natural abilities are like natural plants, that need pruning by study and then pick; and as shown in the book, if not to experience Noriyuki, in turn white elephant.

There are rustic reading skills, reading Mu ignorant, wise men with reading, then reading is not useful to the defendant, not the book with the book of wisdom, and in them, won by observation. Not deliberately criticism of the time reading, I can not believe everything said on the book, not only for Xunzhangzhaiju also, but should be refined consciousness.

Books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested. In other words, those who have only read part of it, there is simply not curiously, some few to be read wholly, to be absorbed in reading, tireless. Books can also ask someone to read, digest whichever is made, but the subject matter is not only inferior, or the higher the value, or if the book was refined water by distillation, tasteless carry on.

Reading makes a full man, conference a ready man, make accurate notes. So we do not often have to pen reporter memory is particularly strong, do not often discuss who should be born intelligent, seldom deceive reading will be required to have surgery before they can have significant knowledge and ignorance.

Histories make men wise, reading poetry makes scenery, make careful mathematics, science makes a deep, solemn people on jurisprudence, logic and rhetoric able to contend the school.

Where has learned, are into character. Zhiai human wit, but without making it unreadable appropriate book of smooth, as diseases of the body, may have appropriate addition to the movement. Lee testis kidney bowls, archery profit chest, stomach trot Lee, Lee riding mind, and so on. Such as intelligence does not concentrate, can make reading to learn, cover calculus to be absorbed, slightly dispersion shall be repeated; if not Distinction, can make reading scholasticism, the cover is a generation are picky people; as poor seek common ground, poor one thing for prove and illustrate another, can make reading a lawyer's files. So every defect of the mind, there are special cure.

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