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2010 World Cup Q & A funny Funny SMS

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Other

Funny World Cup Q & A:

Which team due to delayed flight did not come to the World Cup? Ghana (home that)

Which team did not backs against the wall? Netherlands (River bar)

Which team group stage unbeaten sure? Czech Republic (both gram)

Which team group stage certainly does not qualify? United States (not seen)

Mostly male fans which team fans? Togo (mostly guys)

Mostly female fans which team fans? Iran (Iran is what she meant)

Which team legs softest? Portugal (sour grapes are the back teeth)

Which team is the hardest leg? Tunisia (sudden death to you)

Which team most tolerant? Poland (since placid)

The biggest dark horse is which team? Serbia and Montenegro (as it - too dark)

Which team fouls up to? France (penalty too) ah!

Why Poland lost to Germany? Because there is a star called Frank Lampard, Germany, Poland fear thing!

Why is Brazil losing to Croatia? Because Crow (Nardo) Yeah!

Last won the championship which team? Germany (because Germany, too ah!)

Who won the most poor score of the game? Italy (since obtained a great victory ah)

Who is destined to miss the championship? Brazil (not that 84- ah)

World Cup Funny SMS

Thirty years later, if the world still adhere to the word, I hope it belongs to me; three years later, if the world moved there this word, I hope it belongs to you ......

Chinese team guess the World Cup record seven: into the quarterfinals. Rooster lay eggs, the reason is common sense in terms of physiological barrier, but eventually. This is equivalent to Hume's skepticism Master Declaration: apes, evolved from people's!

Fans Collection Three: Do not watch fart, To release, gently put, let fart immediately hand over his nose and glared at the man next to you, to condemn him with eyes so rude. Not only the wicked, who can fart to complain

Since then do not look Chinese football fans: the original life more beautiful. (US Air)

Fans Collection A: If there is beauty to force you to, lock up your wallet, because there is no reason to think beauty close to you. Of course, you can not move in the case of beauty, casually leaned towards her.

The impact of the Chinese team World Cup record Conjecture 4: win one. It is not easy, people will be excited effect, unlikely to occur. Equivalent to China's WTO success, outsiders think it should be, but for us it has been difficult.

Football Association for 10 years out of Asia blueprint: add a 0! (130 liters mobile telephone position)

Fans Collection 2: If you think the ball too smelly, no need to restrain yourself, despite the spit to the people who wear Cartier watches, or strong man Rob's foot, wore designer clothes do not go to the VIP seats.

Fans Collection Five: If not your girlfriend and was wrecked pretty girl intimate chat that one is you, in addition to jumping, I can not think of what you can do.

"Class", "match-fixing" "Whistle" after another: "movement" without limit. (Adidas)

Fans Collection Four: If you see your friends and a pretty girl is not his girlfriend very intimate chat, do not recognize immediately approached, his future will certainly call you, when again no later than extortion

Clubbing event: Everlasting wine thicker! (Wild force red)

Jihai this is really fear, he throws 1000 yuan requirements Laogai tells a woman in the universe, then Laogai po idly looked up and whispered, hush! Keep it down, I was Hao Haidong.

Olympic team's lack of sense of responsibility: a new generation of choice. (Pepsi)

Played for Crystal Palace Fan Zhiyi girl, named "Fan Sijing": Crystal Love, life unchanged. (Lang jelly)

Olympic team to retain Horton: We luster from your style. (Sassoon shampoo)

Chinese Women: real skill! (Love more VCD)

Football Association selected foreign coach: Cola, very select. (Cola)

Football Association summed up: Good effort! (BBK VCD)

Fan Zhiyi to Horton favors: equal love you love yourself. (Wahaha purified water)

Sun Jihai reporter asked: As a defensive player, you think the Chinese team to Costa Rica to be offensive or defensive? Sun Jihai A: I answered this question does not seem appropriate, I felt like I was attacking guard

Zhang Xiaorui bald: Let your hair dance together. (Lux shampoo)

Chinese team guess the World Cup record nine: get the trophy. Nonsense, common sense physiological reason ethical axioms theorems what grounds does not make sense. You will find: how today the sun rises from the west

Football Association of Horton's attitude: I choose, I like it. (ANTA sport shoes)

The impact of the Chinese team World Cup record guess VI: victory over Brazil. Rare, common sense speaking the truth barrier, but after all, what happens in this world, one can say, its influence is equivalent to hit the World Trade Center in New York

The impact of the Chinese team World Cup record Conjecture III: scoring a goal. Can hope rectifiable, it is also possible. FIFA announced the equivalent of the World Cup held in Asia. The world that is nothing, but for us it is a good news

Coach soil decline: 国货当自强. (Olive shampoo)

The impact of the Chinese team World Cup record Conjecture 2: without scoring a goal but lost Debu miserable. Normal effect, entirely possible, people will not cause much reaction, as the sun rises in the east every day, and today is no exception

Chinese team guess the World Cup record nine: the finals. Nonsense, common sense physiological reason ethics Theorem does not make sense, all packed madhouse will Immediately, immediately Milutinovic missing, the equivalent of an asteroid hit the Earth

Chinese team guess the World Cup record eight: the semi-finals. Men born baby, the reason is common sense physiologically impossible on ethics, but also unknown, it is now controversial badly. Its influence is equivalent to the outbreak of World War III

Chinese team the World Cup a record guess: without scoring a goal and lost a large margin. Not surprisingly, not impossible. Outsiders funny, people face as well. Like farce, which is equivalent to marry Annette Lu announced that Osama bin Laden

Chinese team guess the World Cup record five: into the elimination round. By chance, speaking the truth barrier, the equivalent of the Asian financial crisis, it is rare due to abnormal ending caused by factors not under normal conditions

Horton said fans of "China First": said than done. (BBK VCD)

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