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This article is dedicated to all those who have had persistent love

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Other


It was not called wandering homeless care

It was not called to accompany crying sad

It was not called to share the pain of sorrow

Someone to share the joy is called happiness!

Rest water in the lake, where she became acquainted with a talk about turtles.

Fish said: Hello beautiful, I think I love you.

Water said: fool, it is only a good impression of it.

Fish said: Really, I kid you not!

Water said: I do not believe in love at first sight.

Days passed, the feelings of fish to water increasingly Duhou.

He says: I love you.

Water said: That is because you have already adapted to me.

Fish said: I like your taste.

Water: it is because you are already accustomed to my presence.

A few days later, the water should continue to travel.

Fish said: I can not do without you.

Water: a few days you will forget me.

Fish said: No, I will not fall in love with anyone other than you.

Water said: That's because you have not met a person other than my

Fish said: you are my all.

Water said: You is not the only one for me!

Fish said: you in the end what the search?

Water: only the warm sea is my only mind.

Fish said: Can not you stop it for me?

Water said: No, once stopped, I became a backwater, we will never see the sea the same again.

Fish said: that we can keep pace.

Water: You can never catch up with my pace.

Fish said: Can you wait for me slightly.

Water said: I only like surging.

Fish said: Anyway, I have to accompany you swim to the sea.

Water: Do not be silly, you're just a freshwater fish.

Fish said: I do not want you alone to face the storm.

Water said: I will not be grateful to you.

Fish said: I do not want to win your gratitude, I just want to be with you.

Water: You know I can not love you.

Fish said: you can not exploitation but I love your power.

Water: You would only harm themselves.

Water and fish through a river, the fish only Half-Life.

Water said: Go home, such a day is not for you.

Fish said: No, even at the last second, I will not give up.

Water: You stupid and lose yourself.

Fish said: Can you try to accept a fool of love?

Water said: You know my heart is already occupied by the sea.

Fish said: Why? You can not try to fall in love with me?

Water said: I believe, the sea is my only!

Fish and water through a river, the fish life of the rest of the quarter.

Fish said: If one day I'll be gone, what would you do?

Water said: I will be sad, I will be sorry.

Fish said: that the sea is gone it?

Water said: I will break my heart, went back to die with him!

Fish said: Do our daily life just extra memory?

Water: no feelings get along just extra memory.

Fish said: that the sea does, you sure he will fall in love with you?

Water said: He is my life's dream, I will not give up.

Fish silent, quietly accompany the water to finish the rest of the distance, and finally, they go to the beach, the sea water to see her, but she is not the only sea, it is ah, the sea has a broad mind, broad enough to accommodate hundreds of rivers in playing his arms, but no time to take into account the presence of water.

Water not want to be one of the many beauties sea side, she decided to leave, when she remembered the fish, and the fish have already dying.

Fish said: I see the sea, he was so handsome, handsome, only he was worthy of you.

Water said: I think he was confusing.

Fish said: Do not worry, one day, the sea will find you and love you.

Water said: Maybe I'm wrong.

Fish said: No, you are so in love with the sea.

Water: once, there is a man so in love with me, but I was ignored, and you say, you say ah, say you love me, say you want me life after life together.

Fish said: Come on, love you my power, I do not love your obligations.

Water said: Why am I always so selfish, so stubborn? Why did not I fall in love with you earlier?

Fish said: Do not say that, so I will go very disturbed.

Water said: Why are you always so good, good enough to make me feel ashamed.

Fish said: forget me, look for a worthy person you love.

Water: Do not most people I love you?

Fish said: Do not be silly, the day after, I can not accompany you.

Water said: I have missed too many days, I can not miss you!

Fish said: Come

Water said: I really love you.

He says: I have tears, tears of happiness you see me yet? Oh, I forgot, I was in the water.

Water said: No! I felt, because now you are in my heart!

Fish happily closed his eyes, in the arms of the water.

Hear his heartbreaking voice. . . . . .

It was not called wandering homeless care

It was not called to accompany crying sad

It was not called to share the pain of sorrow

Someone to share the joy is called happiness!

This article is dedicated to all those who have had persistent love

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