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I'm sorry, I insist!

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Other

After school these days, encountered several colleagues obviously feel right eyes, which I could not help but think of what happened years ago.

A unit of employees do have a home business, you need a lot of money, because it is looking for seven or eight colleagues vouch for him home loans in varying amounts, there should be about more than two million, there are direct loans to his family, of course, may there is interest. It happened before I transferred to this unit. Also the previous two years, his family's business does not know the reason for the bankruptcy, the loan is not on. Bank sued directly, the results seventy-eight guarantee full co-workers monthly wages were frozen.

A few days, still busy with school performance pay accounts first of February is too years ago. An average performance in thirteen thousand four hundred dollars, the money for wages to be frozen Court that several teachers, it should be relying on the Chinese New Year. But as long as pay for performance hit on my account, then they extracted it out. Then someone thought of the performance pay transferred to someone else's account, I find when I did not agree to do so. Because for financial personnel such operations are illegal, it is to perform the transfer of funds in court. So that people find school leaders, leaders agreed results. It may be the leader for the sake of subordinates, taking into account that they can have a good year now.

When the afternoon was accounted for wages, I found a colleague, said the leadership let you do that. Although the leadership asked me to do, but this is illegal, of course I can not. Leaving the task at hand to lead the office. In the leading office we have talked about twenty minutes, the leadership still insisted on doing this, and I said to him a variety of reasons and no fruit. Obviously, the leadership of his face with a very unhappy expression. That is, that a twenty minutes in a stalemate, several other security got the news, also came to the leaders of the transfer of funds. Then more people see the leadership, the amount involved have hundreds of thousands, maybe my heart is afraid of something happening, and finally to a "With you"!

Obviously, I do not take orders from the leadership of the upset caused by the leadership on this matter. Also because of my insistence, several of my colleagues do not receive performance-related pay, it may not have been good all year. That got him into the leadership unhappy and against colleagues. But then how can I do it! Not because of this violation and let me do anything illegal.

School three or four days, when it encounters several colleagues, their eyes showing an indescribable feeling. Previously encountered faces will graciously say a few words, but these days just do not naturally cheeky smile.

Anyway, I can only say to you, "I'm sorry, but insisted!"

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