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UFO/spaceship real relationship with us

Tuesday on February 4th, 2020Other

In recent years, UFO sightings experience, individual contact with aliens, occurring more and more in China. This year has seen a lot of friends talked about UFOs, or UFO dream. Do not ignore this information, there are a lot of real information.

However, sadly, UFO sightings experience, currently on our lives is not a big help. Because when the truth and the truth and we are so close, and many people will soon deny it. Can we contact with extraterrestrial life higher evolution, depending on whether we have such a sense of community desire. The evolution of higher life abide by a treaty free will rule the universe, that is a more evolved civilization, can not interfere more primitive civilization.

Everyone born into the earth, completely forget the experience of past lives (ie, can not penetrate the veil of oblivion), but also to comply with the law of free will, that sense of community not allow him to remember past lives of modern experience, otherwise he will live like a god life. This rule is the personal sense of free will, subject to group consciousness. If society allows everyone to remember the experience of past lives, we will remember.

Our modern mainstream culture, can not understand the nature of dreams/consciousness. There are already a lot of information can really explain the essence of the dream, that you are in a different sense of space, time and space do not exist. Some people may question whether this contradiction? Not contradictory. Both exist, not exist, we create time and space are illusions. Whenever the truth approaching, many people turn it denies. Have you ever been in a dream a lot of places, seen a lot of people encounter things that never happened before, strange things, do not feel a little strange? Try to dream , recalls the time, and soon you will have amazing discoveries.

Principle UFO/aircraft, spacecraft and other, more widespread use of helical time, a short time from the point of the universe can be moved to any other point. This solves our tough transportation, traffic problems. Power UFO/spaceship, the use of thinking, no pollution, we can not understand the physics. 15,000 years ago the real Atlantis on Earth, you may have been using this technique.

UFO theory, someone on Earth already know. It will be kept confidential, we do not allow it to be used, because of the current public morality, in order to prevent some people do not have sympathy with the UFO thing. Traffic developed really want, you need to solve moral problems. How to really solve the moral problems? Sense of community. If everyone a little more love and understanding, sense of community will increase, all problems will be solved.

Also, according to many high alien intelligence information, if each person needs to have flying saucer, do not need money, money is more primitive product of civilization.

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