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Situation analysis of local mahjong hand tour Anqing

Tuesday on February 4th, 2020Other

Weekend to visit relatives, actually found his wife at home, every time I go past, have to play mahjong, and asked for a moment, say that the phone can play, without having to go to the chess room.

Then also experience an afternoon, feeling good, simple analysis below current situation.

First, why such a fire?

No official website, no advertising, why can attract people's enthusiasm for concern?

We play mahjong is a way people spend their leisure time in the amateur, and fishing, photography compared, lower entry, add a little bit of luck, we really rush.

With economic development in recent years, card room in Anqing can be said everywhere we go out there will be a 3,5 meters, especially in the Great Lakes, where hundreds of tables put together, that scale is really an eye-opener.

However, since most people at home, there are more important task is to children, adults in recent years because of Mahjong, which led to the child frequent accidents of things newspapers, people began to reflect, although they would spend their leisure time playing mahjong, but tragedy, everyone not want to happen.

So, mahjong hand tour came into being.

Do not go chess room, without a fixed time, anywhere can be marked with a few innings, quietly room, around a lot of people are hooked on this game.

Micro letter directly log in the game, no registration, no password is really extremely simple.

Not fire is not justified.

Second, to adapt to those people?

1, the above-mentioned sufficient time in the elderly.

2, workers outside, do not go home, do not worry about anyone, handmade home can rub a few brand it is a pleasure.

Third, what profit model is?

A game that requires profit as a support, the current earnings mahjong hand travel way is simply to charge a fee open.

After getting to know several of the open hand travel costs almost 50 approximately 500-700 diamond can recharge every open house 4 cards charge 20 diamonds, licensing income 8 30 diamonds, 16 cards charge 50 diamonds, under normal circumstances are open 8 brand in the majority, about two dollars. Such entities and fees charged for similar chess room, an afternoon marked 64 cards, each person spent about $ 2.

Fourth, how to compete?

Since the model is almost the same, of course there will be competition, competitive game like that fight, someone good service, who will be able to attract more players.

They only come to Anqing mahjong experience, for a new game, this service is completely Tencent and Netease gap is too big.

As long played the game knows, the game can not guarantee 100?o mistake, every home game company, released the game when a fault, the players will have some compensation, Baidu, "the game down compensation", and returned to find many of the compensation scheme.

However Anqing come to deal with the consequences of mahjong is caused due to a server problem.

Let me talk about, opened the 8th inning of the game, so after the fifth inning, the game can not go on, can only be dissolved, so that players lost 30 diamond open room, the other winners deserved the loss of points, but this is not the loser It may give, because the game is not over.

1, customer service answer:

Such an attitude, I can only say Oh!

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