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If we are wrong, it is not wrong!

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Other

A sister unit to audit nearly two weeks, so there is no more urgent update log!

A sister unit leaders to mobilize, leaving the audit report to the county Commission for Discipline Inspection of each leader. The bureau had no choice but to let us draw these lengtouqing to offend people! Ran four units, each unit has its problems, and these problems are of the county unit has. For example, in disguise to deal with some things, spending an excessive and so on. To be honest, I examine the problem, we also have units! Only later did know, why do we draw these junior officers to participate in the audit, because that is the junior officers a better understanding of internal things!

Through the years, I felt: if a person you are wrong, then you must be wrong! If we are wrong, and that this mistake will not be wrong! By this matter, a more profound perception, we must learn to protect yourself!

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