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Let Santa to witness our love

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Other

Today is Christmas 2013, my wife and also the sixth anniversary of wedding anniversary.

And his wife know, get married, until now, the days are dull, poor, happy! When pre-marital home buyers, due to the family's economic condition is not very good, buy things we will support his wife down. At that time also I got the support of her parents, her parents nor to his wife (before she married) had to pay a little bit. That is, under such circumstances, we bought the house down! When Mid-Autumn Festival, are reluctant to buy even a bottle of wine! Those years of poor day, my wife came with me quietly!

Married, my wife did not asked me for a little bit extravagant things, so-called three gold, which is more than three dollars a ring. And a few days after marriage, home stolen, the only wedding rings were also stolen. In this way, his wife also quietly accompany me through the no gold, silver a few years of life.

The first two years of life have a point of improvement, I decided at the annual Christmas my wife to buy gold jewelry as the previous compensation. I want some others, my wife should take responsibility. Some other people happy, my wife must have!

My wife shopping, visiting those who are fond of discount women's, women's shoes. And for me and my son to buy clothes or something, but not too vague. Once his wife go out to study, I met a few yuan a pair of shoes broken code discount others, go to buy five or six pairs. Which I have in mind, she is not stingy, but do not want to take any cheap, but have become accustomed to poor life, have become accustomed to on their own could not bear.

His wife five years younger than me, even though people may be this difference of 5 years of age, life, habits have a generation gap. In recognition of marriage to now, I have almost no romance for teaching.

My wife, I owe you too much. In later days, I will slowly compensate you. I will let you have the same happiness of others!

Wife, have your day, even if ordinary too happy! ! !

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