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The world's five most severe crime, must know that (mistake proofing vaccine)

Friday on February 7th, 2020Other

I believed in Buddhism, Buddhist seven years now, since the profound Dharma explains a lot of life in unexplained phenomena. Although this topic is still some stinging people, heavy, but it is error prevention vaccine, people who make mistakes because of ignorance, knowing it will not be repeated. This video was produced Haitao Master "Wu Ni felony and seamless hell," the five please start with the 8:00, these are felony breach of heaven, if not corrected, a person to end of life when it will Departed to hell (there will be from time to time, and soon the secular retribution). A man in reality are many uncomfortable pain, sensory, senses death that would still exist. In which the three kinds of less common, 1st species, are the first two kinds have occurred, examples around me had this.

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First planted in 9:45 where it says, "refused to obey their parents, or even kill him, kill him, and you should fall into seamless hell."

Filial piety, not obedience to parents, Yu Xiao. Because the answers were recorded on the teacher's, said there are questions on the spot, she do so will kill their children.

Because some older, poor child's educational environment, some people read very little, or even a year are not finished, there will be a lot of misconceptions, to impose on their children. This time how to do?

Many people now practice is to move out, do not live together, which I agree.

A bowl of water, there are many children do not lead to end injustice, "filial piety", parents have an inescapable responsibility.

Filial piety, is not in the direction of a large conflict with their parents, to help give parents.

Many details, different ideas, does not mean not filial.

But for parents, spouse's parents, if harmful to him, and killed his behavior, just as the video speaking, a person to go to when the end of life seamless hell. The bottom line in life, even if the parents, spouse's parents grumpy hands-on play over time, this time must not fight back, you can block, pull, or escape. But they can not hit their parents, spouse's parents.

No. 2 is slander Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha. Over the years the network I often see some of these are not good.

To have people criticize only monk Master, repair to a higher spiritual people, they rarely go to say bad others.

Critics wrong, made a big export industry.

Attachment: slander Sambo people what retribution? (Master Xuanhua shown open)

If a person has committed the wrong, you can remedy the situation, promptly corrected, rehabilitated.

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