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Said Young China

Monday on August 10th, 2020Other

Young China

[Clear]? Liang? February 1900

I also said Japanese Chinese, a Zeyue old empire, then Zeyue old empire. Language is also, cover the passage of people interpret the words of Osiris also. Alas! I China and its fruit boss carry almost? Any of said well: bad! It is what made! It is what made! I have in mind a teenager in China.

Everyone Yuyan country, please spokesman of the young and old. Older people often think of past, teenagers often think of the future. But also on the past, so the heart reluctant students; thinking but also the future, it is desirable raw heart. But also nostalgia, it is a conservative; but hope, so aggressive. But also a conservative, it is never old; but also aggressive, it is renewed. But also on the past, they have everything all who know it but as usual; but also think of the future, everything is not all it's, it is often dare exception. Older people and more worried, very, very good young man pleasures. But also multi worry, it is discouraged; pleasures but also, it is gas filled. But also discouraged, so timid; Sheng gas but also, it is heroic. But also cowardice, so carelessly; but also heroic, so the adventure. But also struggling, it can destroy the world; but also adventure, it can make in the world. Older people tired of things, young men often happy event. But also tired of things, it is often no actors feel everything; but also a good thing, it is often not feel all that no actors. Elderly, such as sunset, sunrise young person. Barren cow such as the elderly, the young man such as milk tiger. Such as the elderly monk, young person Man. The elderly such as dictionaries, such as the elderly opera. Elderly, such as opium, such as the young man poured brandy wine. Other planets as meteorites elderly, young person ocean sea coral island. Elderly, such as the Egyptian pyramids desert, young person Xibiliya of the railway. Elderly, such as willow autumn, the young person before the spring grass. Elderly, such as the Dead Sea retention Ze, the young man as the beginning of the Yangtze River originates. This is different from the character of the young men and the elderly are also rough. Any public saying: people's inherent, then the country should be matched.

Any duke said: woe, the boss too! Xunyang river head pipa women, when the moon around the boat, Maple Leaf howling, quilt cold iron, when the dream not a dream, recollected Luoyang Chunhuaqiuyue of dust in good fun. In the south Nishinomiya, Gonge white hair, a light such as ear, three to five, were seated talk between Kaiyuan, Tianbao Heritage, spectrum "Colorful Plumage." Green Door melons people, left for Ru Ren, Gu get Ruzi, Yi Hou door like chow-chow's Haizhu Lu miscellaneous events. Napoleons in Ecuador contempt, fly assassination of quiet in Ceylon, and thirty-two probation officials, or had hearts softened visit, the Central Plains Road, then knife ride horses, swept through Europe, bloody sea floor, soon became well-known, the nations shocked the Weilie Feng Gong, and beginning to stand, and then ask the thigh, and finally embrace mirror. Alas, do face cracked tooth, the Bai Faying, slumped old men! If the person, other than homes melancholy no mind, no homes at the tragic world; outside the house without deserting sun and the moon, sigh no homes outside of sound; no cause of death to be outside the house. Hero and natural beauty, while the status of mediocre ordinary person Jesus? The life of relatives and friends, all in ruins tomb; daily diet and stand by the people. Today and before, let alone know in future? And this year too, not to mention shirts next year? The whole world discouraged short-winded things, no boss even in person. This people, and the desire to Nayun means, back to the days of Courage, relying on the mountain over the sea of ??emotion, almost can not?

Alas! I China and its fruit boss carry almost? Today, almost vertical to refer to former times, Tang Yu three generations, how it Zhizhi; Qin and Han, how it Xiong Jie; Han and Tang Dynasties to the literature, how the Longsheng; Kangxi and Qianlong of powers between, how the Xuan He. The historian narration, word chapter house of Acura, where a national youth not my moments of beauty, pleasurable activity of the holy thing of the past! Now slumped old men! Five cities yesterday cut, cut ten city tomorrow, everywhere bird mouse to do, just a few kilometers scared every night. Land property 18 provinces, the man has the arms of flesh; and fathers of the children of four hundred, are well injection membership of the slaves, not at the so-called "boss married women as traders" who Jesus? Alas! With Jun Mo, then things in those days, haggard Akimitsu not bear to see! Chu prisoners relative, Jiji Gu Ying, who Mingwei shallow, the DPRK did not consider evening. States to be the death of the country, one people for the people to be death. Everything is paid nothing, with everything to make fun of people, also mention the strange!

Any duke said: I China and its fruit boss carry almost? The whole earth is one big problem today. As it is also the boss, it is the country of China for the past, that past on this planet have this country, and now gradually wear off, the fate of the Scots will do in future also. As it is also non-boss, it is China for the country of the future, that is past now this country is not on Earth, and now gradually developed in future and the future of the party too long. Yuduan today's China is the boss yeah? Juvenile yeah? May not Xianming sense of "national" character of. Husband who is also the country, what things also? Land, there are people to people living in their land, the land of the living and conquer their things, and beware of home-made law; sovereignty, have to obey, everyone is sovereign, everyone is obedient. Husband and if so, Adams called the establishment of the country entirely. There are also complete the establishment of the country, since hundred years on the planet. Fully founders, prime matter also. It has not been fully established and progressive in complete founder, young things also. So I have a word to break him, saying: European nations today is prime country, and I am in China today for juveniles country.

China's Fu of the olden days, although the name of the country, but also the shape of the country minors. Or for the country's family, or the chiefs of the country, or the country's feudal princes, or to a country's autocratic king. Although different species, to, its constitution in the country also has its one and its lack of one. As baby from embryonic and until the child into, one of its two official support body, grown in advance, in addition to the plenary, although crude tools, then failed to use it lent. Therefore, Tang Yu before embryonic age, the occasion of Yin and Shang Dynasties era is Rubu from Confucius As for today for the boy from the era. Gradually developed, and now is the beginning of the child over to the juvenile industry Yan. So if it grow into a person's late, the ages of the traitor has stifled its vitality also. Analogy still sickly childhood, turn an old class, or suspect that death is coming on and Yan, and I do not know unfinished rests not be established. Non of that past, and the future that also.

And my Chinese in former times, not at national taste zai? However, the court has the ears! I Huang Dizi Sun, living together, who both stand on this earth for thousands of years, and asked why the name of their country, there is also no. The so-called husband Tang, Yu, Xia, Shang, Zhou, Qin, Han, Wei, Jin, Song, Qi, Liang, Chen, Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing who is all ears toward the name. North Korea who is also one of the private property also. Who is also the country, the people of the public are also produced. North Korea has towards the young and old, young and old state-owned country. North Korea and the National both foreign body, it can not refer to North Korea's young and old and young and old to carry out country. Wen, Wu, Cheng Kang, Zhou's youth also. Quiet, Li, Huan, blush, its old age also. High, Wen, King Wu, Han's youth also. Yuan, flat, Huan, Ling, its old age also. Since I dynasties, everyone with them. Unless stopped by a court of that is old can also, that is old is also a country will not be allowed. A court of the death of the old, still a man's old and die, in my so-called China's Ho and Yan. What, then, my Chinese who, before this has not yet appeared in the world, now is the beginning of bud cloud Seoul. World real great, promising Liao carry on. Miya my youth China almost!

Mary-Nigeria who, three heroes of the Italian Quebec also. Affairs of state is the crime, fled Gentiles. Is the creation of a will, it is called "Young Italy." Chester whole country, set to be fog cloud Chung's. Death is the recovery of old things, so Italy is one of Europe hung state. Italy's husband, the first European country is also the boss. Since the death of Rome, the land belonging to the Pope, attributed to the Austrian government, is useless so-called old and on the brink of the dead men. Derived from a Mary-Nigeria, and can give the country and the juvenile, the condition of my Chinese youth who actually yeah! Four hundred dignified state of the land, stern four hundred trillion of national, did not then a Mary-Nigeria that people who!

Gong's poem collection of a chapter, title reads "make public Young Generation." I taste the love of reading, but flavored with almost Meaning Beyond its existence. I nationals from stating that his country is also the boss, the boss Adams carry fruit; I knew the juvenile nationals of their country also, Sinai juvenile carry on. Western saying, saying: "There are three years old Weng, there are hundred of the children." What, then, young and old country, nor amorphous, but with real effort nationals that growth and decline also. I see almost make Mary-Nigeria's national juvenile also, I see also almost officials of the People's Idea boss also make country. For this reason I fear! Husband to so magnificent a rich elegant masterpiece of juvenile Chinese, the Japanese, Westerners who said that I was the boss, why? Places the right to hold the country's decrepit by key people. Oh decades of non-stereotyped, non-white folding writing for decades, decades when the non-poor, non-pension endure for decades, decades Shouben non-delivery, non-singing Well decades, dozens of non-knock years, non Please decades safe, it certainly was not an official, into the post. Qing II above his tenure, more than any outside Supervision Department who, among hundreds of people, their facial features were not prepared, Almost ninety six or seven also. Non-blindness is deaf, lame non tremor is enough, otherwise hemiplegia too. He walked it a diet audiovisual speech, yet not self, and to be of help to catch three or four people around it, is able to get by, but this Naiyu its duties to the state, and is the puppet of countless He Yi Li also rule the world! And there it was, from the time that the young of Asia Now that I do not know, Europa is the place where, Han Zutang cases is that the emperor, still too late that stupid corruption attain its extreme, they will grind it, cultivate it, wait until the brain has been dry, vascular plugs and, dying, when the ghost of the neighbors, and then my second Miles mountains and rivers, four hundred million human lives, in one fell swoop and give me their hands. Alas! Old empire, whose boss is also really a good idea! Erbi generation who plot their decades-stereotyped, white fold, when the poor, suffer pensions, Shouben, singing promise, bowed, greeting, hardships, thousands of bitter Wan Xin, is this red roof may only spend Ling's clothes color, name of the hall adults, is its heavily spirit, exhaust their life force to keep it. Rubi beggar picked up a gold, although its thunder hovering on top, but his hands still hug his purse, he is also something undesirable Gu, non-knowledge itself, not heard as well. This is also advertised to subjugation, also divided up, so that he listen to Wu, Wu and thus the letter! Even fruit is dead, if the sub-men, and I this year seventy men, eighty men, but for one within two years, foreigners do not come, the robber can not afford, I have had a happy I carry on! If forced, the three provinces of cutting land Feng Shen Hejing, in exchange for my several government offices; sold three millions of people into slavery as a servant to me a ransom his life, why not? What is the easy ones? Alas! After today's so-called old, veteran, veteran, old officials, their means of self Qijia rule the world, the respective fields so carry on. Night westerly age a man, do brow withered white end. So go impermanence as a doctor, to bring straw birthday, Tongzai Alas! As a country, it is Debu old and die, and I fear that no time is also the age and mourning.

Any duke said: Today's China who caused the boss, the Chinese industry is decrepit injustice. The future of China's juvenile system out, then the Chinese teenager responsibility. He's decrepit mention the road, and the day this world unless he's not far wrong, but my youth is the new world to come with the edge. Such as home builders hire then, tomorrow it will be moved to the other party, and I start today into the room at this. The move who do not love their window cage, unclean treat the court veranda, laity constant love, also mention the strange! If my youth, ex-Cheng Haohao, looking back vast. Chinese horses and cattle as slaves, the atrocious cooking skinny whip whip, but when I was teenager's. China such as buildings or dominate, the main Union Earth, pride and honor of the command, but I enjoy the teenager. Consists dying and what those ghost neighborhood and Yan? And indifference, still speak too. I and indifference, can not be made too. If the whole country and juvenile teenagers also, my Chinese is the country of the future, yet to know the progress of its amount. The teenagers of the whole country and also the boss too, my Chinese is the past of the country, its exhaust rocker feet and can be killed too.

Therefore, today's responsibility, not others, but all in my youth. Teenage countries, wisdom, young then national wealth; Junior strong Guoqiang, youth independence then country's independence; the country free freedom juvenile, juvenile progress of the country progress; juvenile better than Europe, the country is better than Europe, the juvenile male on Earth Kwok-hung on Earth. Red sun rising, that the greater light. An underground stream river, a sea of ??diarrhea. Potential Dragon Yuan, Lin Zhao flying. Milk Tigers Valley, beasts shock anxiety. Falcon test wing suck dust sheets. Exquisite first child, propitious propitious insignificant. Go-getters hair whetstone, has made its Mountain. Day wearing their dark green, to fulfill its yellow. Notwithstanding the ages, history and a glorious. Future like the sea, Japan, longer. Miya my youth China, and not the old days! Chinese teenager I delighted me, and the National boundless!

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