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Son wrote a passage

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Other

Son, you go to rural schools from the county school to school, just want you to have a better learning environment, able to drag their original body, sloppy, no sense of time, and many other bad habits to change in a good atmosphere out. Good habits is the cornerstone of a successful person, I hope you can develop a lot of good study habits in this semester, study habits, living habits.

You are a very bright child, but for some bad habits and will make many mistakes. In fact, Mom and Dad do not want to become a "tiger mother wolf dad", but sometimes when you see because bad habits and mistakes, but you can not help but be taught, in fact, Mom and Dad are for hello.

In normal life and learning, Mom and Dad did not play a good role model, we hope that together, in a new environment, new growth

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