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Control himself

Friday on February 21st, 2020Other

Some things you can not say,

But you have to let others know,

You can go through to understand someone else's point of view,

To do good, to do poorly,

It will be recorded in the heart,

In a large machine inside,

You probably can not decide what to do,

Slowly, slowly,

You will understand,

That turn a fast,

Nor is their own dictates,

The only external force may be others,

Do you want a life,

Fight for the life you want to do one,

Thank those who helped me,

You made me feel warm human,

You made me determined their choice.

You may now be the role of a humble,

Need to slowly change,

Initiative to bear greater,

Slowly it will be stronger together,

You will gradually control himself,

Make a real strengthening of their own heart!

Some people may, and you did not talk much,

But it may give you a real positive energy people!

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