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Education starts at home

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Other

On duty Tuesday night had to stay in school. The child is seven forty to the hostel, because there are an administrator, so I do back to the dorm at eight forty whacks. Not only to the hostel wash, vice president in charge of security on the phone for coming dormitory look at the situation, there are no two sixth-grade girls dormitory on campus but could not find (we call these two girls students temporarily Wang, Lee students it). Children live on campus for no reason, "disappearances" And girls, if we really that terrible accident. Then immediately to the women's dormitory downstairs to see, only to find at the guard and ask the girls dorm situation.

It turned out that two girls to the hostel named after (the school regulations to the hostel after a long room must read the names, not to have to want to prompt the administrator), the administrator will find something to take when it comes to the classroom, administrators agreed. Nearly half result when the two children had not come back, an administrator in the school looking for a long time did not find the report Bianxiang president. We went to the guard at the school learned of the situation, had two children holding a so-called "written request" to the guard at the attempt to go to school, but the teacher's handwriting guard found written request for leave is false, and there is no door to the parents then, she ordered the children back to the dorm. But these two children did not dormitory, was missing.

Then the teacher goes to the school, two children playing phone is not connected. Notify the parents, and the school come together, the priority must be to find the child. Lee's parents in which students received a phone call immediately after our child's phone, or may be afraid of the reasons parents, children answer the phone, promised to go home. Parents and students working in Shanghai, Wang did not contact.

10:30 Lee parents when students answer has been to find the child, when we was relieved. Eleven when parents and children to the school's entrance, according to the students, said Lee Wang and his classmates called several brothers away. At this time our hearts and stretched up phone call children and parents, kept playing. Ten minutes later the parents working in Shanghai, only to answer the phone before going to contact the child. Parents forced "authority", with the school before the king and four or five aged 14 to 15 so-called "brother" who came to the school gate at half past eleven.

Finally, the whole situation became clear, the students Wang family is a single-parent families, the mother died after she gave birth, the father working outside year round there is no time to take care of children, the eleven or twelve children on a person to live independently after the death of grandparents . We use these words the child is a "hardy children." But this child is too disappointing, learning progress, life make some dubious friends. Over time the bad behavior change, what kind of bad things to do, everything to steal Mongolia abduction. Since the ground with a stomach ache cheated several of the teacher's school money, the family of her relatives were all fooled for various reasons. Today she took the students from the school to monitor the blind Lee just over the wall just to truancy and their so-called "brother" who together "play." Taught before the first adult, it is parents often hang in the mouth of a sentence, I think it would be very difficult after this adult children.

Why is this child will be so, Looking at life from all concerned, she was missing the most important of their lifetime love, parental love. From education is concerned, she does not have family education. In many cases we are talking 5 + 2 = 0,5 days of school education plus family education is not the result of two days of educational achievement. I think it is precisely because of these aspects that led to her character so it goes bad. Children are the biggest investment of parents, more than a day out of time with the children, spend time with family, child health, and happiness, this is happiness.

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