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Southwest genius in hunting

Monday on August 10th, 2020Other

Just graduated that year out of work in front of a nearby university encountered a temporary residence used book vendors place a street vendor. Its people quite young, about thirty years old, wearing a pair of glasses, a high degree, slovenly, looked even feel a little dirty. His stall is fixed, always put the big-leaved trees a red flag in front of the supermarket chain sidewalk stall time is usually from the beginning of the evening, as several shut the shop, never too elegant. This person stall, never to attract passers-by, just crouched down to read the trunk, if people linger to look at books, he just looked at, never say one more thing. Unless you fancy a book, asked the price, he will take with you white.

My first conversation with this person, it should be in an evening that summer, when a passing W and colleagues together. He was still wearing the uniform of SF Express, parked roadside small power three, in addition to the ground spread laid out with old books, but also put on a tricycle bundle the unopened books. Between dialogue, the day he learned that the courier on the run, only afternoon off work to come out stall, said he has a pavement, where the book more. If he was just a second-hand book stalls bad enough, why are we still doing courier work it, why there is a pavement to put the book yet. This conversation between people behave, he is not revealing the identity of the ordinary traders, it seems that he is a scholar. Why will do courier work on it, I would like to use the words of the ancients, probably the bad luck, find a job to make ends meet, as the pendulum bookstall, is to continue with his hobby.

Why is it called him "Southwest genius" for a reason, give me this title from his business card, emblazoned with the words "so-southwest genius", so this is its self-proclaimed title, its ability and insight worthy of "wit "word not get to the bottom or not, because remember this title, I forgot his name yet who.

Later in the evening or at night many times pass by there, for the summer or winter, and could see his shadow on the floor of the bookstall. Once passed by and saw the city manager and urged him to clean up the stall next to the small vendors selling arts and crafts, let them set up a stall here. After that, see "Southwest genius" in a lot less time. Again, go for a walk in a night, or in that place, met long lost "Southwest genius", asked the current situation, almost A recent stall in the vicinity of another cell, rarely come up here. Still later, in the place they have made no seen his shadow, I do not know of a stall for a place to do business or not a second-hand bookstall.

And friends gathering tonight after dinner, alone, walking to a nearby district "Southwest genius" was mentioned, they are still found no trace of him.

In my mind, the second-hand bookstall owner couriers Ye Hao worth mentioning, his life may be very difficult, but it gives a madding crowd unhurried calm. His inner world must be rich, optimistic attitude will make him live in happiness. I hope next time to see "Southwest genius", he still reasonable manner, could have a word with his life and the life, the way and then scouring several books.

Southwest wit fruitless searching, yo. Jiang river rolling by.

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