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Carefully stick to it, even if no one applauded

Wednesday on August 5th, 2020Other

Unconsciously, I have written blog more than three months, after another output of 100 articles. Sometimes one day yield quite a few, and sometimes yield a few days. See many people, because not many own propaganda, did not conduct any publicity, there are some blog message a bit above, the introduction of a number of links, a thirty-year-old middle-aged man, here spare time write about something not so smooth text, but of each are hard to write, not to take full ism.

Today, just to see: Uncle Chen Zhihong heart-warming article, knock inspiration to a lot of friends right now friends.

Work, in reality, it is inevitable that this or that is not satisfied, 10 years after graduation, to give myself to re-locate to index, influenced by a friend of New regain up your own personal blog, in case the day bragging need it? In reality, I never brag. But not boast of people, some people feel a little wood. Remember Chen's successful school which has a commitment to make their own in public, it is a forced way of their own efforts.

When the beginning of the sub-blog a few broad categories: immediate struggling: record now, not satisfied with the current situation. Poetry and distant: writing down their right. I am a digital design was born, the Internet more interested in, but also access some network-related business, thought his network career from a domain-based, so a lucky hit, and occasionally do some domain name business, come in specially staged a bubble domain devoted to get the domain name. There are like fiddle network owners or friends can go and see if we can leave a message after this, buy a domain name to make a 20?iscount.

The very beginning of this blog which I intend to occasionally record your own life, baby growth recorded in some interesting, some of the stories will be recorded, and a small baby grow together. He forced himself to know, to learn. In addition the company running with the thing, but also they need a lot of strengthening, after all ants may become an elephant it, now is the whole people highly entrepreneurial and innovative Internet age. After shopping a bit these days my friends blog, joined the Chinese Alliance blog, see above independent blog less than 2000, too little, too little independent blog, above a lot of blog updates relatively slow, see Zhang Ge for content owners sites are rarely updated, and the traditional blog have fallen to the point where much decline. We all fought: all kinds from the media, the public numbers, 100 numbers, headline number. I have not written on it. This article will estimate annoying chatters were sprayed dead, so he put forward a separate blog, their own chassis themselves call the shots.

Stroll through some recent cases under the blog of view, many types of Internet blog writing SEO skills, knowledge, etc. and the like. Dry goods such as purely technical, relatively easy to obtain, a search a lot. In particular Taobao above a few dollars package to download, if you want to learn, the channel is very much, I think now there have been many a rising star, 90, after the 00 categories, are known as proficient SEO algorithms, etc. and the like. I own it, search engine optimization, Baidu keyword optimization, knows a bit about it, also operates a number of sites, a certain degree of traffic rank, promotion to help some friends about their business, so that they can promote in the Internet age under his show.

Also we found that some operation and maintenance engineers, technical skills blog, there are some programmer's blog, there are some people associated with the front end, there are some inspirational related, in short, is a blog on the Internet, generally associated with the network, but also I found no purely to write some blog original type of the independent blog. Also saw a net friend "Little Luo Bo-off" do not long, but it seems pretty good flow, message is also very active, in addition submitted today to the site of the original message and reply very slow, there is a lack of e-mail alert to solve the problem. Happy!

The hour is late write a bit long-winded, and finally back to the title of the article up, even if no one applauded should seriously stick to it.

In addition, to get some traffic from the search engines above, intends to site content title, etc. about fine-tuning. Welcome Tucao, to the point about her. We look forward to growing with you! Come on!

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