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This is normal, though not I have

Sunday on June 7th, 2020Other

Each morning I was lazy in bed, then cock shall not crow, my dream is still left, I can always think of a lot of words, very fine fart, then quickly connected into a bullshit article in my mind, but after waking up they forget completely, how can not remember!

Impetuous era, the normal way of thinking is despised, boring topic being talked about, if you do not want to change their attitude, do not want to participate in this environment, you naturally become reticent, I, too, but I feel strong enough endurance, those who want to see I do not want to hear, I have listened met, I know it's their rules of survival, they like to pretend like this and gloss over their own, though not this I have is the norm!

Sometimes you do not understand some people's understanding, this is a very lazy mood linger between them, I do not know how much they enjoy the atmosphere, kept in manufacturing topics and constantly looking for answers , the escape and catch up, so that the process seems to become very beautiful, this is a only a few people can understand the romantic, very sweet sour, very salty very light, it gradually becomes an elegant style, though not this I have is the norm!

Do not think a lot of gorgeous looks can block your heart sinking, hypocritical and ugly at the same heart, I know you are very restless, need to see your face, you want attention, you want to own such star treatment in this field, so great pains to bring others pancakes, then thought clever technology can be sly and secretly proud, then cooking the pancakes become half-baked biscuits, also added a cup of soybean milk, then of course it is up for sale, so grab business people, people selling pancakes, of course, not happy, then filled with an ax cut you, although not Baotoushucuan, even falsely claim, but did not hit back also makes me feel the remnants point of humanity, scarred in every night, since you are still very happy, and think it is worth it, and this has become very fond of self-rule, so that you continue to wind waves, blowing dead cattle! Though not of this I have been to the norm!

There is a thing called fatigued, facing the same thing, even if it was as good, long look will be irritable, at least I do, I do not know people and love is not also so? Anyway, I think if it is against a thing for a long time, it is difficult to feel it the United States, it will become accommodating and feel fatigued, so you want to look for alternatives, maybe three minutes, maybe melodramatic aesthetic constantly turn around, so do not put the moment you think good things deliberately showed anyone, because people do not necessarily feel good-looking, or do not want to affect the friendship, against their will say good-looking is possible, because maybe what One day you look back at them again, that the United States does not have, but this aesthetic tastes, but you remain, you still remain in the United States not to boredom to the United States at this stage, and is constantly circulating, others still said to you the United States praised Canada, no matter at a later date, let yourself feel vomiting, not to mention what is the United States, because there is a generation gap, I find it hard to change, though not of this I have been to the norm!

You are not satisfied with it? I do not think you'll ever meet in the very heart of their own time, the performance is very calm, very lightly, so I think you are very satisfied, very fame and fortune, it is not true, and your heart at the moment is how to share the excitement brewing release out, I know it's difficult for you, because this to be just right, to reveal the natural process, let others very calm acceptance of his right, and do not think you La miles long-winded, often in your lower when you deliberately maintain a calm, and then store the power, at that moment Cock wire counter-attack, and you broke out, you like assault, like very, very low to first put their own, then the moment you achievements, highlighting their own great, nothing wrong this is a style of acting, there is no right or wrong, you like to play roller coaster, like subversion how others perceive you, when low, you really need to rely on the performance, at a time of high, you steady even indifference, Do not you think that there is something wrong, you do not even know their full not satisfied, you will always be this way, to meet the performance could not be satisfied, not satisfied, he also appeared very satisfied, or you do not know yourself what you really are not full Satisfy? Though not of this I have been to the norm!

In a time of disappointment in the process, I do not want to believe that others, such as commitment, such as the so-called love, only one person committed only speech-language films, perhaps careless casually said, probably had vowed, but after flying to drink the winds of truth, no one can promise to get rid of your current embarrassment, you can deliver a better tomorrow, and for example, the so-called love, it's very real fake, you are probably all for the understanding of love the results of their own imagined, that she did not exist. But whenever there is a new commitment before, very few people whom no heart, then their own for these commitments do a lot of assumptions, himself a really good fictional world, then everything becomes very beautiful, this is a promise It brings, it is so potent, so you after the pain had also willing to pull a knife on himself, love is, no matter how many times falling out of love, you are still looking forward to love, no matter how deep your former hurt you still love now who seems to forget the pain of love has brought commitment and love, like, so you under painful circumstances, has kindled hopes raging, always the case, though not this I have It is normal!

Years is the Sha Zhudao, this sentence right, everyone has a young, everyone has their youth, but at the moment when you have, you do not care, often lose the time, or grow old when in fact you only understand the years passed quickly, in an awkward age, some people say you're young, some people say you are old, you sometimes do not understand what they are old or young? In front of young people, you are very depressed, in front of older people, you are very happy, this is actually a relative thing, I always thought that the age is not absolute, it is relative, relative and who has more, in fact, your life in the process of comparison, no matter what age, there is always older than you are, there are always young before you, and the most wonderful place that you sometimes forget something absolute, then something is very concerned about the relatively young and I younger than you are two completely different concepts, most of the time, you're more concerned about is that I'm younger than you, even if I am now a hundred years old, when the heart still has a trace of joy, although it is the same thing. Though not of this I have been to the norm!

Many things in the world are like this, though not of this I have been to the norm!

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