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A short memoir in 2015

Saturday on March 21st, 2020Other

A few days ago when finishing blog, this blog in 2015 found that the number of articles is 0. The fault for nearly two years, the last update was "friends do not like exercise," September 15, 2014, once again first published the "first post in August 2016," August 19, 2016 in .

Very few had the time, coupled with the March 2015 suddenly experienced more than four months of renovation, huge one move. From the beginning of September 2015, my daughter went in first grade, because the school requires parents to work every day to sign, so every night I need to spend 1-2 hours honest to modify the job to help her daughter, Topic, 2018 until now she 're a senior, I have been repeating this kind of life every day.

Now is the era of two class, we have here a lot of parents send their children to the two lesson. But I think there is a conflict over time, so do not give the children reported two lesson. For example, many students are 6:00 - around 7:00 on two classes, home has eight or nine, the amount of work from the third grade, have a minimum of 1.5 hours to complete each day, parents help modify the job dictate the need 1-1.5 hours , so a lot of the two classes of students generally had to go to bed after the 10-11 point, I arranged for her to sleep before 9:00. My daughter's school, competition is fierce. The status quo is:

1. The results of the foremost students: parents can self-+ counseling, a small amount of two class, or goes classes, self-study can be a very small number of people.

2. The results of the foremost students: a little self-learning ability + parent guidance, a small amount of two class, or exactly the same lesson.

3. middle grades students without parental counseling, tutoring or a small amount, there are two lessons.

4. After the student achievement by, without parental guidance, no two classes, class and do not listen, do not think.

No parent guidance, and now want to forward the results basically impossible. When everyone at school children, parents must face the reality of these above-mentioned problems. In the case where I spend a lot of time, and in recent years she has made a lot of excellent results. 1-- Grade 3, she rarely let up, time to rest. Behind this, I need to pay a lot of time each semester in order to make tutorials, video audio, it takes me 12 days time.

"August 2016 first post" also recorded a short memories of my daughter was the first anniversary of counseling. Children at school, will take up a lot of their own time to make my schedule a lot has changed.

2015, my life is the biggest change network bought the first stage VPS, then just use it occasionally about Viagra PN, because there is no time to put it into debug PHP space, so the VPS is completely idle, because the know VPS very frustrating. (PN then installed their own prestige is useful, port 1723 is blocked from the beginning of 2018, operators install their own prestige PN has been completely unusable.)

Until 2016, after a period of learning, exploration, debug, already skilled Linux + PHP environment installation. Once you are familiar, I found just a few commands can easily complete, easily than expected too much. When will this finally get this skilled, depending on what is the time to search for their own learning, testing, debugging, there are a lot of important information is a reply from someone else's blog or blog, forum. On Linux + PHP skilled installation, I was finally completed in August 2016.

By the way here to share with friends. Most bloggers are using Wordpress, Typecho and other procedures. Wordpress's Linux + PHP + MySQL + Apache (or Nginx) environment I successfully installed once, do not remember the steps. PHP + best environment NoSQL is a mini version of CentOS CentOS 5 or 6, I prefer CentOS 5. These two systems, all without update. But from the beginning of 2017, CentOS 5 was officially abandoned, need to find a source of software available on the Internet, replacing /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Base.repo file

CentOS 5 only the command line to complete 99?f the work:

yum -y install php

KVM's default CentOS 5 without Apache, just the command line to complete 99?f the work:

yum -y install httpd && yum -y install php

CentOS 6 mini-version, with no default Apache, just the command line to complete 99?f the work:

yum -y install httpd && yum -y install php

(2018-10-24 10:04 UPDATE: The first three above command, CentOS 6 mini version installed httpd + php, total timing: only 9 seconds.)

Then, modify /etc/php.ini, and/etc/httpd/conf file, respectively, to close the error log. In the/etc/httpd/conf establish a virtual host, restart Apache with the command service httpd restart to complete the establishment of the site.

I debugging environment of long-term use, it is still an Apache-based, because it is regrettable that the pseudo-static Nginx can only be global, not like Apache using .htaccess 404 error page. In fact, almost Nginx can support, unfortunately, is the author of the 404 error page into a jump to 404, the same as if they can not jump like .htaccess, then in this particular application, Nginx can replace Apache. As discussed in detail in this blog: Nginx and .htaccess.

It is for this reason, I do not use Nginx. Apache at 500-1000 IP/day use, well-functioning, web seconds to open.

Ubuntu/Debian system, the machine with VMware Workstation is much more convenient than the virtual machine CentOS, because Ubuntu/Debian system is a LiveCD version of the machine, without having to install, simply set the Root password, more high version of Ubuntu/Debian default without SSH, you need to install OpenSSH.

The different Ubuntu Server Edition/Debian and CentOS is, Ubuntu supports SQLite3, and PHP calls. But many Ubuntu/Debian, with no default Apache, you need to manually install; PHP default under Ubuntu/Debian does not support Rewrite, need to manually modify the configuration, PHP under CentOS, direct support Rewrite.

So, now I'm being a host-based system to CentOS, CentOS unachievable function, and then another VPS Hosting installed Ubuntu system to achieve.

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