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Want to return, we must strive to pay

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Other

I feel it pays off this sentence, is not it should be changed to want to return, you must pay it? !

Since Taobao gave a bad review a business, my phone 24 hours continuously received some spam messages.

This business is in pay, 24 hours off the computer, buy attack software, but also a lot of thought in it,

And it paid so much, I had him all the spam messages blocked

Because of my interception, a merchant Taobao pay equal to zero.

Therefore, pay and reward is proportional to the total return, these words, these merchants did not materialize

Pay a total return this statement does not hold, should want to return, must strive to pay. Since you are trying to pay, and not necessarily rewarding!

Taobao, a merchant, your efforts to pay, no return ah! You are in vain heart! ! !

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