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World Book Day talk about reading

Wednesday on January 29th, 2020Other

You may see this title will feel great, what an appropriate title can not imagine. On the blog articles about hair is the third reading of this should be that this simply talk about their commitment to reading from right to feel right now.

In an article issued "on reading" February 5, 2019 decided to read the article to date is now more than two months. Looking back on more than two months, a total of nine books, namely "Yi Zhongtian Three Kingdoms", "human weakness", "terrible twos", "see", "Skins", "Life is a lot of fun" "suddenly we came to Tibet", "Kai-fu Lee autobiography: World of Difference", "Amitabha Meme da?." Some bloggers a month and a twenty read the book, this reading of the total amount is very small. Why read slowly, in fact, decided to study up to now, it is also in the "groping" stage. Why do I say, because I read without a goal, I do not know what kind of book reading. So to find some books to see from the charts on the famous book. Sometimes looking for a part of the book had read a few chapters school does not go, do not suit your taste. For example, some time ago the popular "three-body", I read a third really could not stand, not for me. It is obvious from the titles the past two months, short stories, essays like I can see forever.

Let me say this more than two months of harvest it, really, if I say this for two months through nine books so I how to how to, that's big talk. This time I feel my greatest achievement is to make full use of fragments of time up to read. Not previously went to school, as long as there is a little bit of free time, it will always pick up the phone brush micro letter to see deft. And now, the phone's entertainment APP are in a sleep state, I uninstalled most of them have been lost. A little idle, it will pick up the kindle.

In fact, we take the current situation is really bad time to come up with a specific plan to study (may be my excuse). When you can not hold a job kindle see it at night have to buy food to cook it at home, after a meal have to wash it, so it ninety housework packed up to a point, you can see a wash bed small will book. Now it can not be too late at night, half past ten it is necessary to sleep. Weekend have to help their children, but also the extra time to accompany the girl was two years old.

Fortunately, now the spare time reading the debris!

Reading what's the use? By reading brains!

Brains What's the use? Brain can prevent dementia!

Ha ha ha.

I do not get Alzheimer's in the future hopefully!

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