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Casually write 8

Wednesday on June 24th, 2020Other

Memory/recall is a terrible thing

Whenever I do not want to always think of memory previously mentioned

Even watching a movie will evoke those memories

Whenever I think of these, feel stable life now will be broken

This did not hold his hands, not go to pry into the privacy of others

Like CLAY, this is just great, play off

What have much courage to be comfortable with and accepting front of these things?

The question before I saw those words on the screen, had not had

When those words on the screen that catches my eye, it was too late

I'm not ready to be able to readily accept preparations

I can not be normal state of mind to face them

Whenever I think of these memories, the heart will be tears

Fortunately, I have deep internal forces, never loneliness.

Have not go back, I had no escape route

We can only go step by step up

The former is willing flat road, no more hurt by the fall

I would like to use my good go for his misery and misfortune

As long as he is happy to meet, what I have is good.

Hundred no one was a scholar, and perhaps talking about me.

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