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Spring summer driving spring flowers

Tuesday on March 31st, 2020Other

Sitting on the train home, on this night. I traced this journey, memories of the scenery along the beautiful scenery, cultural customs. Also this as a travelogue.

Chengdu-Kunming line train is Mercedes-Benz, all the way north. A few days ago, we have all the way north from Kunming to Dali, Lijiang and then. By the Han people around to Bai, Naxi and then. Unique western Yunnan minority cultures infected with us all the time, for himself, in order to appreciate the splendid Chinese culture and multi-ethnic common prosperity.

After a lapse of sixteen load, I went to Kunming. Last to Spring City, only three years old, I remember they used to have almost worn out, only I can remember, it only goes home in old photographs. It was a Haigeng Park pictures, then this Haigeng, looked Dianchi Lake, looking the sun, trying to find a childhood memory.

When entering the city of Dali, the tour guide gave us refers to the valley, morning fog shrouded the valley also, however, the year of the Mongolian cavalry is from here to break Dali, Dali went out. 26 years after the demise of the Southern Song Dynasty. After Yaishan, no Chinese.

That people yearn Lashihai riding, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain at the foot of this article was to communicate the Tea-Horse Road Southwest and Central Plains, then west to Tibet, Sichuan, north, south is connected with the Dali. Colorful Yunnan, no colorful cloud, and the cloud Yunnan is unmatched elsewhere. White and sublime, like mountain Wei Curcuma general, silhouetted against the blue sky.

Yunnan eighteen strange, no car fast train. At first I thought it was a joke, but that is the truth. So the trip in Yunnan, the preferred mode of transportation or car, because in the Hengduan Mountains, strong and also not on the train, just as the car can be switched from the disc.

The last one standing stone forest. Visit the stone sea, just feel a Mother Nature, created such a strange landscape. A root stone erected, and across it, like living in the forest, daunting.

Romantic, Yunnan Four King. Caiyunzhinan, there is a colorful cloud, attracting millions of people south.

2012 August 8th night

Haigeng Park

? Haigeng Park

Haigeng Park

Dianchi Lake

Lashihai riding

horse riding

Tea-Horse Road

Tea-Horse Road

Tea-Horse Road

Lijiang Old Town bridge noodle

stone forest

Chengdu-Kunming line Glimpse Return Journey

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