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Chinese New Year customs

Wednesday on March 18th, 2020Other

As a child, I should be looking forward to the New Year, you can buy new clothes, you can eat delicious food. After growing up a little bit, harassment of social activities during the New Year I started to make unsociable headache that produced deliberately evasive behavior. Now, I no longer have any love or hate feelings for the Chinese New Year, just like in those obligations as follow the same customs.

In our home, in my mind, is the New Year's Eve from the beginning to the end of the Lantern Festival, it looks very long, in fact, a grand New Year's Eve only three days to four days only.


New Year's Eve dinner, the country seems to have a custom, but in our place, at least in our house, is not, do not say specifically hearty dishes, as usual, even the family sit together to eat is not before. No other reason, just because their parents are too busy.

New Year's Eve morning the day, you should take couplet posted Well, this is usually caused by living I do, but not always willingly. As a child, I'd have great enthusiasm for this matter, posted Needless to say, writing is for me to write, although my writing does not look good. Now, with the couplet is a gift to others.

Previously, every Chinese New Year, my father always buy a pig, in addition to the head, as if there hooves, viscera and tail. He's usually not willing to eat meat, eat more naturally like to take a holiday. The live pig cook, also carried out within thirty in the morning, seemed to be cooked for several hours, fresh-baked pig tails every time, I was all eaten. Cooked meat, usually divided into several, some made aspic, some remain the same, which is in honor of the guests after the dishes. However, our family has been several years did not buy a pig, who had become no longer rare delicacy.

From the beginning of the morning, the parents proceeded to cook, this is not to prepare dinner, but to worship gods and ancestors. First chickens, after finished killing the chicken, we must immediately be processed, first the hot water onto the chicken's body, good feathers pulled out, and secondly to clean up the intestinal tract of chickens and, finally, into a certain chicken dish shape so on for the table. After a good dish of chicken, they begin to do deep-fried dishes, generally fried lotus root box, fried mint, fried Chunya, the kind of fried mushrooms, fried fish and so on. For example cartridge fried lotus root, in the middle of the cut of meat placed two lotus root, wrapped with batter and then placed in a hot frying pan until cooked meat, the batter becomes brown. Do fried dishes are a waste of effort, but had to do, and so the time is almost finished dusk. Next to dumplings, usually prepare two fillings, one for meat, one for prime. Meat is to eat their own, always vegetarian stuffing cabbage, tofu, is dedicated to the gods and ancestors. Years ago I had learned to make dumplings, but did not learn, so they can not help what busy parents. After a good dumplings, but also cooking, are some of the vegetables, but also to be placed for the table. After all the dishes to do, late at night, and put on the patio on the table, put the dishes began to worship the gods, burning paper first, then set off firecrackers, and finally to kowtow. Here is not over, my mother wanted to go to the temple to burn paper, father grandfather put some of the dishes to get home, put on the table for their ancestors. As the uncle who lives in the city, dishes for table mainly by Uncle home and our family, ancestral tablets written something, I always do, although I often do not willingly. Therefore, in such a busy day, got the time to eat a good dinner yet.

Of course, although very busy parents, but I was very relaxed. Childhood, and usually adjacent to a small partner to roam the streets, point fireworks, firecrackers, or someone at home to play cards, and once deliberately play to dawn. Growing up, just stay home, sometimes to see the show, and sometimes do not see.

First day

New Year's Day this day, New Year's day, the first paying respects to ancestors in our hometown. The so-called paying respects to ancestors, is a human blood close together, all dedicated to the ancestors surname people go kowtow.

The first meal of the day in the morning, eat dumplings. After eating dumplings, then go to a designated place (grandfather home) set to start New Year activities. In our village, although the surname of people very much, but this one we have fewer people, so even if the blood out of five, we still, as a man of action. Although few people, but adults and children together, most of the time there are more than two dozen of it, this is just the man, if coupled with women, there are more than forty people, it is too crowded, and this is the reason men and women split up it. Grandfather's home in the middle of a little village west location, start a family here to the west end of the village, and then to the east end of the village, thanks to all the people finished, the entire trip took more than two hours. After the completion of the morning worship ancestors, afternoon and evening of New Year is the time to friends and family.

Two days

The first two days of the New Year is still time, but in four or five o'clock in the afternoon, they begin to "send home church" a. Send so-called Family Church, it is the thirty invited ancestors away. People worship their ancestors, before each of the threshold leading to the altar should be placed a stick, the meaning of which I do not know. Sent Family Church, when to hold ancestral tablets, bring wine, tea and paper money, but also lit incense and lead the way, away from home before then stick the threshold removed. In general, the surname of people will go to a designated place to send the same ancestor, first put together to bring each of the tablets and burn paper money, and pay homage to pour wine and tea, and all the people of both the tablets and burn paper money after, we will have bowed together, then that is setting off firecrackers and fireworks. This event, if the father does not call me, I will not take the initiative to participate.

Three days

From the start of the third day, people will go around to visit relatives, called "relatives." On this day three days, in our hometown, she is the daughter back home mothering day, but just was my grandfather's birthday, so this day we have to go to my grandfather home each year. A child, on the feast, my father always let me give grandfather, uncle and uncle were pouring, it makes me feel hate, and therefore sometimes not looking forward to this day. After my grandfather's death, every year on this day we can only go to the uncle, cousins, although in this day to come back, but every year to see fewer and fewer people.

Now, everyone's attitudes have changed a lot, the New Year is no longer so serious, although they sometimes feel lonely, but it does a lot easier.

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