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Kunming temple: pay more $ 500, let you go to the United States reincarnation

Saturday on February 15th, 2020Other

See today titled "Temple Kunming: pay more $ 500, let you reborn to the United States," the post, we can "pay more 500 US reborn" in the Google search keywords, you can find the relevant page. This is undoubtedly the slander Sambo, Sambo belongs to slander felony breach of heaven, there will be secular newspaper, or hell newspaper. Secular newspaper, because each side has the law of God, this is commonly known as "give the first three feet of the gods." The law of God, will perform at a certain time of retribution, if a person did a bad thing, by the law of God would make him evil for a certain period of time; if a person often do good, God often law enforcement to protect him.

First, if the news is made malicious users, who will be affected by the manufacturing news retribution; If the news is true, the money people will suffer retribution. No matter how much money to pay more, reincarnation is impossible for you to go to the United States. Where reincarnation is based on a person's karma and vows. For example, a person do a lot of bad things to be born may be reborn into beasts or hungry ghosts, or hell; a person to do a lot of good things to gifted might be reborn to Heaven, or humanity, or Asura Road, which is Reincarnation. Practitioner, or the greater good of the person, the next life also may be beyond the six cycle, that is, outside the six cycle. Here beasts, are animals, very selfish person, afterlife easily turn into animals.

Reincarnation, six cycle is that true? In Australia there is a Mandarin Oriental radio station, Lu station personally presided over a long program, he is Xiufo people to answer the questions many listeners are most concerned about, in his blog can be downloaded to these recordings, there are thousands of hours of MP3 audio program, you can search for "Lu station long" in Google, Lu in Taiwan long blog can be downloaded to the left navigation bar. He answered a lot of people's family after the death of specific gone, according to the answer content, the majority (80?of which have gone to hell, or the three lower realms (ie beasts, hungry ghosts, hell); or some people reborn man; a small portion went to the Asura Road, a very small part went to Heaven, relatively few people went to the Western Paradise, that people have taken the Pure Land, the West refers to the Milky Way West. People who commit suicide, all to hell, hell is a very painful place.

How to define good and evil? It was hell (Hades) the judge's decision. The obvious comparison is talking nonsense, swear at people, or by their own forces, bullying others, accounting for people cheap, stealing other people things that are made in the three lower realms of industry, all of a person's words and deeds, have in Hades recording.

Salvation is to reduce a person's karma. For example, a person who has a lot of karmic creditors (based on radio MP3 answer these programs, the vast majority of people who have karmic creditors, occasionally attack in each of us, after all these karmic creditors to the government approval), salvation is salvation for these karmic creditors, these karmic creditors elevated to a better place, this is the debt, the debt also, this person will also be able to better place. If you specify a person to be reborn where it is not possible. Only the greater good of the people, or the soul belongs to the already high level people to be able to have more choice, choose reborn where to go.

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