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Practice makes people mature

Saturday on February 15th, 2020Other

It can make people become mature only one way to go, and that is the practice. We need to have a faith, a general lack of faith in the Chinese people, and therefore society have so much tragedy. In contrast, no practice, most people thought is difficult to mature. Only believe in money and power, there is no doubt not a good thing, because this is not a belief, it will make people become empty.

Gave insomnia friends: I have many times overcome insomnia. One hour before going to sleep, drink a glass of milk, have a good hypnotic effect. Since early summer morning, the best night sleep in 21:30. If you wake up at night to sleep, do not want people to have a pressure thing, do not want events of the day; imagine some of the easy things, such as tourism, or imagine themselves look like the face during sleep, or imagine the entire body relax, it I could sleep. On the contrary, people will not sleep.

Long-term sleep after 1:00, there is a huge physical and psychological damage to the city. 9-10 o'clock at night to sleep, have a good sleep quality.

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