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Person with a conscience will increase

Tuesday on May 26th, 2020Other

Some recent blog feel more and more difficult to write. I do not know how to write better, not as good as diving. There is unspeakable, the opening would be wrong, in a comment online or blog often feels will reduce a lot of vitality and energy, a message will be distorted, and perhaps a lot of people have this feeling of Ascension. Ascension, the day everyone the real you, everyone who is in reality the "ego" that is true to yourself and the reality of their own in the war. Status quo "false ego" is the person in society, not true to yourself, because the real you have unlimited possibilities. "False ego" is everyone in this life, in unrepeatable, a single time, in society or have been randomly selected a good way to go. Everyone true to yourself, than the reality of their own ability to be much larger, because most people drift in society, so a lot of the original capabilities are lost.

Directly into the topic. 2 parts of two days watching users online question and answer exchange, the solver for in the near future in one year, or something more than a year after the Earth occurred. Assume big disaster occurred shortly unimaginable, unprecedented scale, then the survival of the world this is how much? The answer is an answer by 13?another 10?nswered answer, that is to say 87?o 90?f the world's people will die in the disaster, and they will go to another planet's third dimension born.

According to these two figures they provide, that is only 10?o 13?f people around the world in line with the new fourth-density human standards. These two figures somewhat surprised me, but not impossible; of course, only for reference. Many things are uncertain of the future, the possibilities are subject to change. What is multifaceted information? Above these figures is that the information belongs among the wide range of information. For a wide range of information, my advice is you can see, only to see much comparison, relatively close to the real draw a conclusion; only much more information see the order for new information true and false, right or wrong They were identified.

But it is certain that from beginning to end, for those who have a conscience, whether or died in the disaster, if the Earth's ascension to the fourth dimension, they are to enter the fourth density. According to Ra's answer, if one service to others, more self-service, in line with fourth dimensional human standards. Another point is certain is that, if this occurs harvest, not 100?f all people can enter the fourth dimension.

Can enter the fourth dimension, or the possibility of upgrading, with which everyone social status, wealth, how much, how many degrees are not related; but on how much a person's conscience, or, depending on a person and selfless the proportion of share of selfish, self-service and service to others proportion occupied.

Tell the truth, it is that true compassion. If this occurs harvest in 100 years, or hundreds of years ago, perhaps the number of people entering the fourth dimension will be more, because then people are not as modern psychic abilities such degradation. Harvest because there is a certain cycle, the harvest of the earth does not occur in 21XX years 100 years later, but not later than already occurred in 1981 and 2012 among any one time. Because now materialized human life too serious, so serious imbalance between material civilization and spiritual civilization. Too serious matter led to a lot of people in this harvest can not be the main reason for entering the fourth dimension, and they will continue to present material civilization without knowing fourth density is like paradise, much superior than the third density civilization, so they will still be in the third dimension. When the harvest of the earth occur, it is nostalgia third density life of people, the planet will be another third-density birth.

Domestic users in various forums message, many messages are unfriendly, rational messages accounted for a smaller part. These unfriendly message, is to learn from the network, and they do not believe in karma, chaotic post online; of course, the management of the site also has a great inescapable responsibility. For already posted unfriendly remarks online users, need to repent quickly, quickly stop their bad deeds. If a person has done bad things, repentance is possible to reduce the karma.

Online encounter unfriendly people how to do? Do not ignore them, stay away from them, and reduce them to speak, after a few days soon will no longer constitute influence on you. Published online unfriendly remarks will have karma? Yes, the network has inevitably become a part of many people's lives, far-reaching network of the Internet for everyone affected, if a man for a long time With unfriendly heart to communicate with friends, there are others on his own would be very bad influence, will determine the future of a person.

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