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Gintama in the Bakumatsu Archetypes

Wednesday on May 27th, 2020Other

Great voice Sakamoto Tatsuma

Kyrgyzstan Tiansong Yang - Yoshida Shoin, Choshu samurai, when trying to sneak black boat events abroad, was arrested and sentenced to seppuku, one of three heroes before the Meiji Restoration.

Gui Kotaro - Katsura Kogoro (Kido Takayoshi), Choshu samurai, Yoshida Shoin disciples, Shinto master without reading the stream, one of three heroes after the Meiji Restoration.

Takasugi Shinsuke - as Takasugi, Choshu samurai, Yoshida Shoin disciple, create kiheitai, untimely death, one of three heroes before the Meiji Restoration.

Sakamoto Tatsuma - Sakamoto Ryoma, off Phan Tosa ronin, create Kaientai, master Beichen knife flow, one of three heroes before the Meiji Restoration.

Wu City flattened too - master Wu City Hanpeita, Tosa samurai Ryoma Sakamoto's friend, Tosa loyalist party leader, wise-heart flow, after being sentenced to soil Sasa screen to send the ritual.

To the island and sub - Kijima Matabei, Choshu samurai, create guerrillas, killed at the door of the Royal clams change, in fact, was a uncle.

Wan Qi on the river - the river Yan Chai, Kumamoto warrior, expel loyalist faction, Bakumatsu one of four cut.

Okada like Tibet - Tibetan Okada, Tosa samurai, martial City Hanpeita followers Bakumatsu one of four cut.

Mutsu - Mutsu Yang's help, Kishu off the fan ronin, Ryoma Sakamoto's assistant at the Marine Rescue Team, advocates launched Sino-Japanese War.

A few loose - a few loose geisha in Kyoto, Katsura Kogoro lover and later wife.

Deng potential - Gordon potentials, Fushimi Terada house 1 boat stack boss, A Touch of Zen, and Sakamoto Ryoma close.

Xixiang special Sheng - Satsuma samurai, one of three heroes Xixianglongsheng after the Meiji Restoration.

Isao Kondo - Kondo Yong, Wu came after the state, natural empathy flow guru, director of the newly elected group, Zuo screen to send, Boshin war beheaded.

14 Lang earthwork - earthwork at age three, was born Wu Zhou, deputy director of the newly elected group, Zuo screen to send, died in the Battle of Hakodate, unidentified corpses.

Gordon General of paddy fields - paddy fields, some Shinsengumi captain, the rank and file screen to send, after died.

Okita clover - Chong Tian Guang, Directorate General of paddy fields sister.

Yamazaki retire - Yamazaki steam, Shinsengumi spy, participate in Ikeda House event 2, the Battle of Toba Fushimi died of his wounds.

Ito duck Taro - Taro Ito six decades, the newly elected group staff, loyalist faction, the formation of the Royal Mausoleum Guard and out of the Shinsengumi, Kondo Yong design after the assassination of (oil road event).

Shimura Shinpachi - new eight permanent positions, Shinsengumi two Fan captain.

Matsudaira piece chestnut tiger - Yung Paul Matsudaira, lord of Aizu, Kyoto guardian, boss of the Shinsengumi, Zuo screen to send.

Tokugawa Mau Mau - Mau Tokugawa, the 14th shogun, 13 Shogun Tokugawa family's cousin, came gosanke Kish Domain.

A bridge hi hi - Tokugawa Yoshinobu, the 15th shogun, born in gosanke Mito.

Tokugawa will be determined - the Tokugawa family, the 13th shogun.

Saburo Sasaki different - the only Saburo Sasaki, hatamoto, see the return of the group leader, assassinated Qinghe Hachiro, Sakamoto Ryoma, in Shintaro Okazaki, Wu Chen and killed him.

Xinnv Imai - Imai letter Lang, see the return of the team with disabilities to participate in Omiya assassination of Ryoma Sakamoto.

Terada house there had been incidents of cannibalism Satsuma samurai Ryoma Sakamoto surrounded by the shogunate occur. ?

Ikeda House event: Shinsengumi Ikedaya raid, fighting with two dozen Zunwangrangyi radical patriots gathered here, most of the Patriots was hacked to death or injury, Katsura Kogoro supposed to attend the party but did not escape a robbery. ?

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