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Atsushi Nakajima and mountain Yueji

Wednesday on May 27th, 2020Other

Although it is nonsense, or write it down, because it seems that this kind of thing can occasionally prove how wonderful yes.

Some time ago, I have tried to read some of the novels on the library green space, but eventually gave up because do not understand; and later want to hear read aloud version and place it on the radio, which is a mirror spring flowers "night fishing "when looking at the cover, saw a kimono girl anime" writer wild dogs "in the figure, the name is Kyoka. I read the introduction to this animation the way, and did not generate much interest. A few days ago, while browsing the app store, I saw a writer wild dogs of the game, holding curiosity download demo a bit, though no sense of the game, but one of the characters quite interested, he decided to take a look at this anime. Anime hero is Atsushi Nakajima, this is the first time I heard the name of the writer, his "super power" is the "Tiger Under the Moon", is derived from the author of "mountain month in mind." This opportunity, for the first time read the Nakajima Atsushi works.

The book selected novels, most based on the ancient Chinese classics, Chinese readers are very familiar with the story; there is a specially written Stevenson. From these novels, the author is difficult to see the Japanese, because nothing to do with Japan.

"Mountain month in mind," also known as "Li Zheng," it is a story based on the Chinese ancient books. Chin Li Zheng disdain for the cheap officials, resign to go home painstaking think this famous poem, but poverty forced re-entry career, but eventually turned into a mad tiger, food passers-by. In the tiger becomes a friend of Li Zheng crossing tell, we have a glimpse of his inner world. "Because he was not afraid and did not dare Pearl hard to digest, but also because I believe that they are sort of pearl, not associating with rubble mediocre, then moving away from the world, to avoid the sparse crowd, resulting in heart constantly with anger and rearing the Xiunu own weak self-esteem "this is sad place Li Zheng of it: because the cowardly self-esteem, but did not want to seek fame with poems teachers and friends, learn from each other; as arrogant sense of shame, is again among the unholy between unclean. In both psychological intertwined, Li Zheng's body eventually become a heart with the same appearance - only appeared in Tiger month. "Everyone in the world is the trainer, and horse beast, each person is their nature. For me, this arrogant beast is a shame. It is the tiger."

"Disciple" is the story of Zi, Confucius worship him as a teacher from starting until the last died in the Great Patriotic are always adhere to the principle of his own heart, practice what they preach, it is a dignified gentleman. "Li Ling," a destiny Li Ling, Sima Qian and Su Wu together contrast, although the official Sima Qian low but outspoken, sentenced after castration with strong faith and indomitable will written in the "Historical Records"; Su Wu was detained Huns, even if Han did not return hope no one knew what he did and still never surrender, Kejin for the minister of the road; and Li Ling, though not completely out of the original mind, or do fall minister Hun, and a Su Wu to compete with established contractors.

"Light, Wind Dream" written by Stevenson in Samoa last years, I have very limited knowledge of Stevenson - in addition to many years ago saw his "Treasure Island" outside - so the authenticity of the content of the novel can not judge, but presumably will not be apocryphal, I believe this is the real Stevenson. The novel is interspersed by a third person narrative and Stevenson diary written, this frail writer in order to prolong his life, can only live in tropical islands. Although nothing about politics, but he was with a strong humanistic care, and the island's indigenous peoples have forged a profound friendship, and to appeal to their interests even at the cost of offending European politicians. Tropical island's beautiful scenery, honest and vigorous residents Stevenson nature intertwined, like a struck up a wonderful piece of music, until the last moment of his life.

I like this "New Stories" type of fiction, although based on historical or legend, is not a simple retelling, but immersed in the author's ideas, coupled with clever choreography or bold subversion, refreshing. In reading these novels Atsushi Nakajima, I seemed to feel a common point (although it may be a bit far-fetched) - true to his heart, and do not bully others appearance.

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