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Phase of marriage

Wednesday on May 27th, 2020Other

Shankoubaihui and Tomokazu Miura is not in my memory. This is obviously because I have not hit it big when they are born, but strange is that I was young about Shique had their vague impression.

That year, the TV series "Blood suspect" TV stations are still running, black and white picture, the tragic story, perhaps her mother had tears it down. I think my mother did not know the drama starring two names, but mention the story, she should have the impression. Later, I do not know where to listen to the Shankoubaihui and Tomokazu Miura and wedding stories, I deeply remember these exotic stars.

Miura Tomokazu open "phase" of a chance of fate, it stood motionless in the library book shelves, waiting for the first readers of all ages. Because they did not find themselves more interested in books, I picked up it, Miura Tomokazu name reminds me of that part of the romantic past, holding the psychological adventures (I think Miura may disclose some of Tupperware and marriage interesting it) I borrowed it. The next day, I read the first lesson from the morning to the afternoon second class finished reading, plain text, simple binding, without any gimmicks, memories are full of warmth and clarity of thinking on his life .

I do not have friends and Miura concept, but wanted to be suave romantic idol, otherwise how will it win the hearts and minds of Tupperware. However, to read what this book, I would think Miura just hit the Grand Canal brat mediocre, vagrants, engage in music is not successful, but at the age of twenty became an actor, and twenty-two when starred in "the Izu dancer", he opened his own star journey. Whose life is not lost yet, Miura, too, though his transport some accidental factors, but since becoming an actor, especially after the star of "The Izu Dancer," Miura began to seriously think about their stardom, exploring and gradually fell in love with the body after meaning for the actors, four decades focused on their bank, so can the aura faded idol, still active on the screen. This is a spirit, down to earth.

Miura said in the book of your life with seven turning point, if the star of "The Izu Dancer" is a new starting point of his career as an actor, then married and Shankoubaihui is a new starting point of his whole life now. When Miura to marry in Hawaii Tupperware, Tupperware said: "If we get married, I will not go out to work," Miura answered after returning to Japan:. "Yes, I know," and then they got married , Tupperware in his career is brilliant time willing Miura became a housewife, this is not fiction, this is reality romance. This event makes Miura felt his responsibility as a man and husband, he still did his father have taken up that responsibility.

Honestly, reading Miura depiction of family life, and that he would even Tupperware of two of the world must have been boring. I have never been in love, after all, children do not know how to love two people who, sitting face to face alone is good things. Miura mentioned that he occasionally helped Tupperware cooking serve later clear the table, they would like to go to movies together, they are not the dinner drink a bottle of wine and a couple of hours earlier time gently flowing ......

I do not know how, I grew to like those old memories of their love story, thrilling even then, they vicissitudes of the heart can be handled calm or warm, like a cup of green tea, light and flavored. From these stories, I learned a lot, especially in the face of love, but also because of this, I feel old.

Think of the afternoon in the classroom reading, bright and clean, the sun warm (should be air-conditioned), Ce Toukan I look out the window from time to time, leaves the shadow color of the sun is particularly deep, I do not care, I just thought of the past, happy or unhappy, not faint like chrysanthemum. Look at the phone, Iraqis have surprises, but also do not want to complain mentioned. I probably did not want everything, you get up to walk the corridor, standing at the window, watching the sunset fall, and there is the slightest breeze blowing, I know, can not get her love is not important, important that I love and blessing.

Memories there is always a person, your heart open just for her.

Well, I wish I did not pull away. Reviews a book my forte, but each reading, always think of myself that point out the things, and sadly some emotion, case only.

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